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It was evening time and all the children were very happy because they had to listen to the story from the grandmother as usual. They had just finished dinner when all the children ran to the grandmother's room.

Everyone started looking at the children with astonished eyes that the children have finally been done. As soon as it was evening, the fight of the games hit the TV remote. Grandmothers said, "All this is the perfection of stories. Children are far from nature." They didn't know the world of stories.

Now they forget everything else in the interest of the world of story. "Say," Oh, they all go to your room in the circle of the story. "Grandma smiled. As soon as Grandma entered the room, there. But the already assembled army began to make noise.

"Grandma, what story will we hear today? Grandma, what story will we hear today?" Grandma smiled. "Dear children! Today we will hear the story of Princess Dhanak."

All the children spoke in one language, "The story of Princess Dhanak." Grandmothers said, "Yes, children! The story of Princess Dhanak."

"Then Grandma started telling the story of Princess Dhanak." This is the story of Alia who is very fond of her house. Alia loves Dhank so everyone calls her Princess Dhank. Today is her birthday. And she is very sad because no one congratulated her on her birthday.

She hoped that as soon as I woke up in the morning, everyone would give me birthday wishes and gifts, but no one did. Of course, no one remembers my birthday. "Bushra became curious." Grandma, what is this noise? "Grandma said. Dhank's other name is Rainbow.

In English we call it Rainbow. Dhanak is made up of seven colors including red, malt, yellow, blue, purple, green and dark blue. When raindrops are in the air and sunlight passes over them, a bow of seven colors Becomes in the sky.

It is called Dhank. Experts say that Dhank does not really exist in the sky but it depends on the place of the beholder.

Newton proved that white light is made up of seven colors of dhanak. Beware! Did you know that dhanak is not one but different?

It is called "Taste of Dhank". Aqeel said, "Grandma, I also want to see this Dhank." Grandma smiled. "Children! We can't see Dhank all the time." When will we see Dhank?

Arham said, "Can I get up in the morning and see Dhank?" Zainab said, "Yes, you can see anytime. You must be Dhank prince!" Laughter echoed. Grandmothers say, "Don't be afraid! Usually when there are clouds in the sky and the sky is clear, there is a cloud in the sky."

But as I said, it can't be seen everywhere. It depends on the angle at which the light is passing. "

Bushra said, "Grandma, what happened to Princess Dhanak's birthday?" Grandma began to say, "Alia went to school in a state of anxiety."

Even at school, none of her friends greeted her. On her return from school, she went to her grandmother's house. Even there, no one remembered Alia's birthday. 

Alia became very sad. Arham asked, "Grandma, what is Alia?" No one loves
"Grandma, smile, no, no, it's not like that at all." Everyone started asking, "Then why doesn't anyone remember Alia's birthday?" Grandma said, "It will be known at the end of the story." Everyone fell silent. Continued the story.

Alia was sad all day thinking that no one loves her. No one remembers my birthday. I will not talk to anyone now but she was surprised when she came home with her uncles at night. Already in the house.

Granny, cousins ​​and her friends all shouted "Happy birthday Dhanak shehzadi". Alia was surprised to see that everyone remembered my birthday. The house is so nicely decorated and the cake is on. So everyone gave Alia a head prize and all her sadness disappeared.

Bushra said, "Grandma, you should do the same for my birthday." Everyone started laughing. Arham said, "I have to watch Dhank when it is raining. I will definitely watch." All the children said, "We will watch too." Grandmother began to say, "Come on, it's late at night. All the children go to sleep." All the children went to sleep and Grandmother was happy that the children were getting closer to nature.

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