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Shah Mir and Shaheer both studied in the same class. Shaheer was not interested in studies at all while Shah Mir was an intelligent student of his class and always passed the exams with good marks. Shaheer belonged to a rich family.

His father had a good business. The abundance of money had made him a little arrogant. The city was giving so much importance to wealth that in his eyes the importance of education was almost gone.

Time passed and both reached matriculation.

Shah Mir passed the matriculation examination in A grade while Shaheer got C grade. As soon as he left the school, all his classmates separated from each other. Shah Mir continued to determine his educational stages. Succeeded

Later he got a job as a lecturer in a local college. He was a teacher of Urdu. He used to explain the importance and usefulness of Urdu language in the class. Was very popular among the students.

Allama Iqbal (may Allah have mercy on him) was his favorite poet and he used to recite the poetry of Iqbal (may Allah have mercy on him) with great beauty. Was
Shah Mir used to tell him that we should strive for knowledge all our lives. One day he was giving a lecture to his students when he came out of the classroom and a stranger stood in front of him and said very humbly, Pass matric
If there is a job in your college, give me a chance to serve. I will be grateful to you all my life. ”

Saying this, his eyes got wet. Shah Mir glanced at the man, as if trying to recognize something. The man's hair was scattered and his beard had grown.
He was wearing fair-skinned clothes and his face showed signs of poverty. Shah Mir looked at him carefully and then was startled. "And what is this?" What is this all about? "
Shaheer was shocked and confused when he heard his name from the teacher's mouth.
He recognized his classmate Shah Mir and started telling his story. "Shah Mir, you know me well. I am a citizen. I am affected by the situation. You used to tell me the importance of education." One should be diligent all one's life to acquire knowledge, but I used to listen to you in the pride of wealth.

I said goodbye to education after matriculation and started helping my father's business. I knew from the beginning that I was educated and I used to tell you that education is not more important than money. It was all my fault.

In those days my father was going to another city for business when a car accident happened and he left us helpless and left this world. We had a very difficult time. My father John's contribution After his death, God knows what happened to his partner that he became the owner of the whole business and we lost our share.

My mother sold our big house for a while and bought a relatively small house. Gradually all the money was spent. When the circumstances forced me to do a job, I could not get a good job because I had matriculated. There was no recommendation that would work for me.
These circumstances forced me to work hard. These were moments that I could not even imagine. I opened my eyes in good circumstances, I could not even imagine such a bad situation in my dreams. I have been in such a situation for six years and today I have realized the importance of education.

You were right that knowledge is a light that not only removes the darkness inside but also guides to the right path. I have seen very difficult situations all this time and now I know that money is the only way to become a human being. You don't become a big man.
Saying this, Shaheer became silent. There were tears in his eyes.
Shah Mir encouraged him and encouraged him. Shah Mir was involved in the honorable profession of teaching, he was also financially stable. So he decided to help the citizen and sent him to Syria. Time gave him a job as a clerk in his academy.

In his spare time, Shaheer continued his education. Finally, one day, he passed the private MA exam with his hard work. Now, he was also enlightening the new generation with the light of his knowledge. Kar had started teaching the students. Thus the process of burning lamp after lamp had started. Now the city had the ever-present wealth.

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