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"Sir, my youngest son has had a fever for many days. A test revealed that he had typhoid. Now he has to see a senior doctor. Treatment of typhoid is also expensive. Sir, I need three thousand rupees.

Karam Din conveyed his plea to Seth Abrar and at the same time appealed for help.

"May Allah give health to your son." Seth Abrar spoke in a compassionate manner and extended three thousand, one thousand notes towards Karam Din.

Karam Din put the note in his pocket and left the room while praying. Begum Abrar also came there and he had seen Karam Din taking money. After Karam Din left, he said: "I say to him. Keep your time, don't overdo it.

One day someone makes an excuse to extort money. Some time ago he took Rs. 5,000 saying that his eldest son is injured. He has stitches on his head. He has been admitted to the hospital and before that. He took a good amount of money from you for his wife, who has a kidney stone and has to undergo an operation, and you are the one who has become Hatem Tai, who came and filled the swing.
Money grows on trees. ”Begum Sahiba was shouting at Abrar Sahib.

Begum! Helping the needy does not reduce wealth, but increases it and Allah Almighty is also pleased. Let's spit out anger now, it is time to eat.

Saying this, Seth Abrar went to the washbasin to wash his hands. Karam Din was a hardworking 30-year-old but talkative young man and six months ago Seth Abrar hired him. He told Seth Abrar. He had two small children and lived in a rented house with his old father.

The father is ill. Seth Abrar had secretly investigated. There was some misrepresentation along with the truth.
When Seth Sahib returned from his factory in the evening, he found Begum Sahib waiting for him. Hello, after the prayer, when Seth Sahib inquired about her well-being, she burst out and said loudly: It all sounds like drama.

One day someone takes the money with an excuse. ”
"What happened in the end?" Said Seth interrupting Begum.
"Ask what didn't happen," he said wearily.
"Well, tell me what happened?" Seth said with satisfaction.

"When Karam Din took the money from you, I sent my old employee to follow him and find out if his child is really sick or he took the money by making excuses. When Abdul Qayyum came back, he told me." I was shocked to hear what he said.
He said that Karam Din is not married yet.
Begum Sahiba finished her speech and looked at Seth Abrar triumphantly as if she had won a great battle, but the next moment she was shocked, because instead of surprise in Seth Abrar's eyes, a smile played on her lips. Was

"Maybe you didn't believe me." Begum Sahib said angrily.
Seth Sahib kept smiling for a while and then said: “Begum, what you have come to know today, I came to know only when I hired Karam Din.
"Kick! What?" Begum Sahiba jumped up. "Even so." Begum Sahiba wanted to say something, but Seth Abrar interrupted him and said: "Even though I I knew he was lying, yet I helped him, because I also knew he was really in need, but instead of stating his real need, he made various excuses so that His words carry weight and I can't deny it.

In fact, I am indebted to his father. This is a very old thing. He has also been my classmate. Once I asked him to borrow some money. He did not have cash. He gave me a prize bond. Coincidentally, the bond was opened and I have received millions of rupees.

I told him this and he was willing to give me the money, but he said that you are the one who deserves it. I started the business with that money. I will never be able to repay this loan. This is also known to his son Ahmad Din.

Nowadays, his father is very ill. Karam Din asks for money only for his treatment. All this you are seeing, it is all because of Karim Din's father. This method is wrong and I myself. I'm looking for the right opportunity, so I can fix it.
Seth continued to speak with satisfaction and Begum listened with amazement. Bad opinions should be formed.

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