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A copy of Maths was missing from Neha's bag again today. She was holding her head because she had an important test yesterday, but like the last few days, she still didn't have a copy in her school bag. Two days ago, her Urdu He didn't even have a copy in his bag. He spent the whole night in a state of anxiety.
I woke up in the morning and looked at the bag thinking that I might not be able to see properly at night. Surprisingly, a copy of Urdu was in the bag at that time. She shook her head realizing her delusion and started getting ready to go to school. ۔
Today, when he opened the bag to prepare for the test, there was no copy of the math in it.
Once again the trouble overwhelmed her. She was just thinking about the copy when Saad came over.

"Brother Saad! Have you seen my copy of maths somewhere?" Neha asked looking at Saad.
Saad shook his head in denial.

He looked at his sister anxiously and said: "Your copy is lost every day, why don't you take care of it?" Neha looked at Saad anxiously at Saad's words. "No brother! I remember the copy very well, I did. She kept it in her bag.
"Well, don't worry, let's find out together."
Soon Saad and Neha searched the whole room, lounge, courtyard, even the kitchen and even the room up to Ami Abu, but no copy was found anywhere. Miss Afroz's face was moving in Neha's mind.
Tomorrow, of course, will come. Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought of tomorrow. Now only Mali Baba's room is left, let's see. Saad stepped towards his room, but Neha Seeing that they were not coming back, he stopped there.
"What happened Neha? Why are you standing like this? Why are you crying?" Seeing Neha crying, Saad put her there and sat her on the sofa.
"You will get a copy, Neha! But not by crying, but by searching. Look, Neha! It is very easy to cry in any problem, but you have to try to get out of this problem, without trying, the problem is never solved. Saad understood this and fulfilled his duty of being an elder brother.

Saad was three years older than Neha and was in the eighth grade when Neha was a fifth grader. Both were considered the most deserving students in the school, but for the past few days a new problem has suddenly arisen in their home. Done.
Every other day, one or the other copy would disappear from Neha's bag and be present in her bag in the morning. At first, my mother and Saad did not pay attention to her, saying that she could not see properly, but He also started getting upset due to daily complaints.
The loss of Neha's education was different.
While silencing Neha, he forgot that he had to find a copy in Mali Baba's room. Mali Baba, whose name was Saleem, lived in the back of his house with his wife and two children, Ali and Hassan.
Where a room, kitchen and bathroom were built. His wife Salma used to help her mother with household chores and Ali and Hassan used to do mischief all day long. Before looking for a copy, Saad thought that he would kill Neha tomorrow. Get tested.
After that he will find a copy. He came to the study room with Neha. With the help of the book, he prepared Neha's test. After practicing, he went to his mother asking her to memorize the mountains.
"Amy, isn't it weird that Neha's copy disappears like this every day and is found again?" He said to Amy and she also started thinking.

"I was wondering if Ali and Hassan hide somewhere in mischief? Anyway, if Neha fights with them all day, will they hide a copy of it as mischief?" Expressed.
"You go and ask these children, but yes, ask with love.
He explained to Saad. Shaad shook his head and walked towards the back of the house.
"What are you two doing here?" Hassan and Ali were leaning against something under the window outside the room. Seeing Saad in front, they straightened up.

"Nothing, brother Saad! We were talking." It was Hassan who had come and stood in front of Ali. Saad saw Ali trying to hide something.
"Tell me the truth, I'm giving you a chance now, otherwise tell Abu," Saad shrugged.
The wind began to blow on their faces.
"And what are you hiding?" Ali, who was trying to put something inside the window, stopped at Saad's request. "Show me what is in your hand?", Saad extended his hand. Extended

"Look, if you don't tell me, I will tell Abu. Then it will be very reprehensible to think." At Saad's request, Ali extended his back hand which contained a copy of Neha's maths. The suspicion turned out to be true, it was the mischief of both of you.
Both of them were standing in front of Saad with their heads bowed. Meanwhile, Salma, the mother of the children, came there.
"What happened Saad son! Have they both done any mischief again?" Salma looked at Saad and asked. When he asked, Saad told the whole story. He angrily proceeded to kill them both but at the same time Amy and Neha also came there.
Seeing her copy in Ali's hand, Neha lost her temper. She didn't have much affection for the two brothers anyway.
Saad's mother took the copy and saw that the copy was in perfect condition. She didn't spoil it, but then why do they take the copy out of Neha's bag like this? This was the question in everyone's mind and now Saad, Ali and Hassan's father were also present.

When asked by Saad's mother, Ali said: "We also wanted to study like Saad bhai and Neha Baji. One day we asked Neha Baji to teach us whatever she comes to school.

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