Dear children, you know that plants are also alive. The beautiful flowers, lush trees and delicate plants that fill this planet are not only colorful but also fragrant and how is it possible that those who spread fragrance These flowers, plants are free from feelings and emotions.

Let us tell you about plants and trees, how they talk to each other.

Scientists in Stockholm have discovered that plants also talk to each other, but this interaction is not without purpose, but through it, they not only get to know each other but also help in development.

Experts have discovered that plants emit certain chemicals from their roots that reach other plants near them and identify them.

And they tell them that the plant that grows in their neighborhood is the same or different from them.

Scientists believe that plants feel like humans and animals, they smile and cry when they are in pain, they talk and they feel the positive and negative effects. The roots of trees that are far underground act as a network for the trees, through which they exchange salts and chemicals.

Research has shown that when an insect attacks a leaf or stem, a molecule emerges from the area that alerts other parts of the plant to the danger, after which the immune system in other parts of the plant is activated. Scientists say that when any part of a plant is damaged, an electrical charge is emitted which spreads to other parts of the plant.

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