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"Amy! Where are my socks? Please find them." Afza called out to his mother.
"Afza! How many times have I told you to put socks in a drawer, but you don't understand.
You throw everything here and there, ”said his mother.
"Amy! Well, I won't do it now. Find out now. I'm late for school."
"Look, you threw it under the sofa and you're upset, you couldn't find it yourself."
Amy slapped Afza and said, "Get rid of this habit."
The third period was going on in the class and Miss was giving a lecture. At that time the principal entered the class, all the children greeted her politely and when the principal motioned her to sit down, all the children sat down.

The principal said: "Children! There is good news for all of you. All of you are being taken on a picnic by the school administration on Saturday. Children who want to go should write their name to their teachers and all of you children should come clean and in uniform.

Big people will come there.

As soon as the principal left, the children happily started asking each other who would come. Afza asked his friend Fatima: "Fatima! You will come on a picnic."
Fatima said: "Yes Iqra! We will have a lot of fun together.
Afza was also allowed by her mother, so she was very happy. She was just waiting for Saturday. Finally, Saturday is over. Afza got up early in the morning and started getting ready. When I extended my hand, there was no uniform there. She became very upset and remembered that she had not taken off her uniform yesterday and hung it here.
I don't know where it was thrown. Afza told his mother: "Mommy! I don't know where I kept my uniform yesterday. I don't even remember how I will go on a picnic now."
I always told you not to put everything in its place, but you never listened to me properly.
You don't value anything. You don't care so much. How will you go on a picnic now? ”Her mother said angrily. Now Afza was regretting what she had done and she was standing with her head bowed and embarrassed. And tears of remorse ran down his face.

"Amy! Forgive me, I disobeyed you and was always careless. Today I was punished for it. Now I can't even go on a picnic." Afza cried and apologized to his mother. "I'm glad, son! You've realized your mistake, and I hope you'll take care of everything in the future."
Amy hugged Afza and said: "Take your uniform, it was lying out of place. I washed and ironed it." Afza's cheeks opened and she hugged Amy.

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