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Curry is a selfish and arrogant animal. She sings her praises all the time and keeps saying "I am me". People generally don't like selfish people, but they like goats because they give milk.

Sometimes she gives manganese along with milk, but the cowherd cleverly removes manganese from the milk.

Goat's milk is a fast-digesting food, so it is a good food for infants (dear children! Just be careful not to overdo it).

If it is read aloud by mistake, the goat may run away in fear. Goats usually have only two horns. Usually because some goat's horns break in a fight.

Fighting is a bad habit, but the great benefit to goats is that they avoid becoming a sacrificial animal on Eid al-Fitr, but how long will the mother goat celebrate, sometimes it will come under the knife, So it falls into the hands of the butcher.

He separates the flesh from it and separates the ticks. Sometimes he saves the eye and weighs the ticks with the meat.
Yes, ticks are a favorite food of cats. Cats dream about it and for the interpretation of this dream, they hover around the butcher shop and fight with each other by gnashing their teeth.

Goats want pure milk, but the cowboy thwarts their plan. A device called a sherpima (lactometer) is used to detect the mixture in the milk. What is the role of goat and cow in setting the standard, that is, this tool turns milk into milk and water into water.
The cowherds strongly dislike this tool. It shows that when something is invented, it should be seen that it will not harm anyone, otherwise there is a risk of fighting.
It is said that in ancient times lions and goats drank water at the same pier.
We are not sure, but it is written in the books. We think that a lion and a goat can come together only when the goat is in the belly of the lion. As we said when the goat is in a great wave. When it comes, I keep the writ of the key.
In this case, the butcher is called and a knife is thrown at his throat. This is the result of selfishness and self-exaltation. One should not do "me in me" all the time. There is a great benefit in this, otherwise one should be ready for the end like a goat. The rest is in the name of Allah.

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