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Beware! This is the story of an eagle that has been hovering around a large dovecote for many days and was waiting to swoop down on a flying dove and take it away, but the pigeons were also very agile, smart and fast flying. 

Whenever she tried to catch someone, she would run away. The eagle was very worried about what to do and what not to do.

At last he thought that the pigeons were very clever, agile and fast. Someone else had to do the trick.

The eagle thought for several days. Finally she came up with a plan. She went to the pigeons. She sat like this for a while and then said lovingly: Brothers and sisters! I am a bird with two legs and two wings like you.

You too can fly in the sky.

I can fly in the sky too. The difference is that I am big and you are small. I am strong and you are weaker than me. I hunt others, you can't. I attack and injure the cat. I can hit him with my sharp beak and sharp claws.
You cannot do this. You are always under enemy. I want to protect you completely, so that you can live with laughter, joy, comfort and contentment as you did in the past. Freedom You have a birthright and it is my duty to protect freedom.
I am always worried for you. You are always scared of outside danger. I am sorry that you are all afraid of me.
Brothers and sisters, I am against oppression. I am for justice and brotherhood. I want a government of justice.
Let the face of the enemy be turned away and let you all live a life of contentment and peace free from any fear. I want you to have a compromise between me and us. Let us all pledge that we will live in peace together. Will fight and live a life of freedom, but this can only happen when you wholeheartedly accept me as your king.
When you accept me as your king and give me rights and full authority, then your protection and your freedom will be my full responsibility. You still do not understand how free and happy you will be. With independence, a new life of peace and tranquility will begin.
The eagle would come there every day and repeat the words over and over again with great love. Gradually the pigeons began to believe in his good and sweet words. One day the pigeons consulted with each other for a long time and decided to make him their king. Accepted

Two days later, there was a grand enthronement ceremony. The eagle took the oath with great honor and swore to protect the freedom of all the pigeons and to do justice to each one. I swear to be faithful.

Beware! Then it happened that for some days the eagle kept coming towards the dovecote in the same way and took good care of them. One day the king eagle saw a bat there and attacked it with his companions Frightened, he ran away.
The eagle would often lure the pigeons with his sweet words and give them a sense of security and freedom. Similarly, some more time passed. The pigeons would now go to him without fear. ۔
One morning, while the doves were biting, the eagle came to them.
She looked weak. It was as if she was ill. For a while she sat quietly and then said in a majestic voice, "Brothers and sisters! I am your ruler. You have made me your king by thinking." I protect you and you live in peace and tranquility.
You know I have some needs too.
It is my royal prerogative to seize one of you whenever I wish and put out the fire in my stomach. How long can I live without eating and drinking? How long can I serve you and protect you? Am I? It is not only my right to seize and eat whomever I want, but it is also the right of my entire royal family.
After all, they also protect your freedom with me. On that day, if I and my family had not attacked that big bat together, he would have eaten many of you without knowing it and injured many of you. Saying this, the king eagle approached and snatched a fat dove into its claws.
All the pigeons stared.
Now the king eagle and his family would come and take the pigeon of their choice in their claws. With this catastrophe, the pigeons were always worried and scared. Their peace and tranquility was gone. Their freedom was over. Done.
They now feel more insecure than ever and say, "This is the punishment for our foolishness. Why did we make the eagle our king? What can happen now?"
So, dear children, it is very important to use your intellect in whatever you do.

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