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The lizard is a beautiful-sounding bird. It is found mostly in and near rain forests in the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Japan, Indonesia and all African countries.

body structure
The bulbul is larger than a normal bird.
The neck is small, but round and small, the beak is larger and slightly curved than the bird's beak. The eyes of the bubble are small and round, while the eyes of some are red. The bubble is up to 11 inches long. ۔
The bulbul is a bird that eats fruits, seeds and insects.
Some species of bulbuls also hunt frogs and small mice. It is a coexisting bird that seeks food in flocks.
It builds its nest on a tree about 10 feet high.

The bulbul builds its nest with leaves, branches and fine wires.

The human-inhabited bulbul builds its nest in holes in the walls of houses. Some species build their nests in rivers or bushes by the river.
Bubble babies
The female lays two to five pink eggs between June and September.
Babies do not have feathers on their body at birth and they look like baby birds. After two weeks, their feathers come and they are able to fly.
There are about 130 species of bulbul in the world. Red bulbul is found in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Arab countries.
The flower bulb is found in Cambodia, Laos, China, Myanmar and Thailand. The yellow bulbul is found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar. The Nicobar bulbul is found only in the Indian island of Nicobar. The green bulbul is the smallest. Is.
It is found in the African countries of Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The strawberry bulbul is the largest and is found in Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia.
It is a bubble found in North and South America.
There is only a difference in size between this and the common bubble. It is a bright color compared to the bubble. It is the only seed-eating bird and is found near the fields and fields of America.
Bubbles are always on the lookout.
The bubble flies low to avoid the eagle. The snake and mongoose eat the eggs and young in its nest.
World literature and the bubble
Bulbul has been very popular in all times because of its sarcastic voice. It is mentioned in many ancient stories of the world. In Alif Laila, Bulbul has been called a thousand stories due to different dialects. There are stories and poems. The story of Esquire Wild, The Bubble and the Rose is one of the best stories in the world.

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