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Once upon a time, a fisherman lived in an area with his two daughters, Mangita and Larina. It was a green area with beautiful lakes. The name of the area was Lazon.

Mangita was the eldest daughter and she was very kind to everyone. Little Larina was very different from her sister. She was rude to other people, caught butterflies and bottled them and often her sister She spoke rudely to him.

Mangita did all the housework and made sure that the food was cooked on time. Since the death of her mother, the responsibility of the whole house fell on Mangita while Larina did not do any work.

Mangita would try to get her father to finish his tiring work and get food ready when he came home.

Larina never helped her sister with any work. She didn't care a bit about her father, how he used to catch fish for these two sisters all day and sell them to meet their needs. Spending time sitting on the lake making her hair and looking at her reflection "Am I the most beautiful girl in town?"

Ahaha i'm just kidding

There is no one in the whole kingdom more beautiful than me, what a waste of this small town of Lazon. Ha ha ha ha. One day the fisherman became very ill and passed away. Mangita became very sad. She cried and mourned for hours, but soon she realized that the entire responsibility of her house has now fallen on her shoulders. She regained consciousness and went about her decision. As usual, Larina was sitting on the lake, taking off her beauty.
Mangita said, "Ah, go away. Don't you see how busy I am?" Larina shouted, "I won't take much of your time." Listen for a minute. "Mangita pleaded." Speak quickly. "Larina said." You know, Daddy is no longer with us. There is no one left to earn for us, so I have decided that Now I will catch fish every day and go to the market and sell it. I don't know if it will be enough for our livelihood or not but I will do my best.
Mangita said.
"Well, whatever it is, leave me alone now." Larina said bluntly. "No, I don't need to be so blunt. I love you. I'm your older sister. You know that very well." Be
"I don't need your love. Sister, I was born in the wrong house, but you know, things will not always be this way. One day I am destined to be queen and leave this humble city and all the people behind My beautiful prince will come to me and you will see me.
"It simply came to our notice then.
Mangita sighed and said, "I have no desire for you other than your happiness. My sister said this and Mangita returned home. Days passed and Mangita worked very hard to support herself and her sister. She took care of her father's work." Taken
One day she came back with very little money and she was very worried.
"Larina! Forgive me; but what I earn is not enough to feed both of us. Will you help me sell fish from tomorrow?" What he just said, Larina said sarcastically.
I am asking you to help me sell fish so that we can earn a decent living, please.
"You must have lost your mind. I am the queen of the future and you want me to become a working woman, not at all."
“ "Sister, listen to me," begged Mangita.
I am going to the lake and after saying this, Larina walked towards the lake. Mangita became very disappointed. She sat down and started crying. How can I do everything? When Larina came out of the house, she saw a carpenter standing at the door.
"What do you want, old lady?" Larina pushed the old woman and went on her way.
The old woman began to cry, "Oh God, help me!"
Hearing the call of the old woman, Mangita immediately came out of her house. She was frightened when she saw the old woman lying on the ground. She put her hand forward and made the old woman stand up and brought her inside the house with her.
The old woman told him how Larina pushed him down. Mangita was very upset when she heard this. I apologize. She is sometimes a little ruthless with her sister's move. I'm sorry. You look kind, will you give me some water to drink and some bread to eat? ”The old woman pleaded.

Mangita offered her share of food and water to the old woman. The old woman happily drank water and ate food. Thank you very much my daughter, you are a kind person, the old woman left saying this. Then Mangita went to bed on an empty stomach. She lay down and had not eaten since morning.

Breakfast was only for a servant. He gave it to his sister Larina and went to work without breakfast. Now Mangita fell asleep with great difficulty. A few days later, Mangita fell ill due to overwork and always Like Larina didn't care and before she went to the lake, Mangita told her that there was no savings in the house. Please go and sell fish. How will it be? My sister. I am not going anywhere for the last time. I'm telling you. ”After saying this, Larina came out of the house and saw the old woman at the door again.

"You came again. What do you want now?" I heard that Mangita was ill. I brought this seed for her. After eating it, she will be fine. Let me in so that I can give her a seed every hour. I will take care of her and you will see that she will be fine by morning.

"Larina gritted her teeth because she didn't want Mangita to be okay. She pretended to smile." Why do you need to hurt yourself? She's my sister. Give me that seed. I'll feed her myself. I'll take good care of it, ”Larina said to the old woman with a sly smile.

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