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Guddu was listening to a teacher's lecture with other students in his class when suddenly one of his classmates vomited and fainted. Everyone took him and ran to the school clinic. The doctor immediately put him under the fan. And he unbuttoned his shirt and began to roll the wet towel over his body.

When he regained consciousness, Dr. Sahib first gave him salt and sugar mixed with water or ores and then he also drank juice. Gradually his condition got better. Guddu asked the teacher what happened to my friend and the teacher told him. 

That he was dehydrated.

You may also be wondering what is dehydration? So let's solve this problem.
The highest amount of water in our body is 65%.

Blood is 90% water and meat is 75% water.
Through water, nutrients reach the cells easily and food waste is easily eliminated from the body due to water.

Water also regulates the body's natural temperature.
What is dehydration?
Dehydration is the dehydration of the body and the process by which the body gets the water it needs is called dehydration.
Reasons for heat
The weather is mostly hot in most parts of our country.
Due to confinement and heat, a lot of water is released from the body in the form of sweat, which makes us tired and weak. It causes dehydration in our body.

Dirty or contaminated drinking water
According to medical experts, 80% of diseases are caused by contaminated water. According to various sources, vegetables sold in the city are grown with this wastewater, which is discharged from various industries and factories.
This water is toxic. One of the causes of water pollution is that the water supply pipelines have rusted from place to place due to rust and the dirty water from the gutters is added to them. The human digestive system deteriorates and diarrhea develops, leading to dehydration.

If the body is dehydrated, the thirst becomes very high. Urine becomes thick and dark yellow. The mouth becomes dry. The elasticity of the skin decreases. The upper soft part of the head of a drinking child also sinks.

If the severity of diarrhea is low then no medicine is usually required. Drinking only salty water completes the deficiency of water and salts in the body. Salt can also be made at home. Take a liter of boiled cold water, add half a teaspoon of common salt and eight teaspoons of sugar (gar sugar is better than sugar) and dissolve well.
You can also mix half the amount of fruit juice or coconut water in this salt. Do not boil this solution and drink it within 24 hours.
Diet in days of dehydration
Thin porridge or shola should be eaten in the morning and evening. Bread should be dipped in curry. Goat and chicken meat should be taken with curry. Banana and pomegranate are beneficial in fruits.
In addition, aloe vera, fennel, and mint are effective.
Drink at least eight to ten glasses of clean water a day, as contaminated water is the root cause of many diseases, including the digestive system, inflammatory liver (hepatitis), typhoid, diarrhea, and sore throat. It should be boiled for at least five minutes. Hopefully, by now you have fully understood dehydration and will be rehydrated.

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