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"Twenty-five years ago, your four-year-old son was lost." It was a sentence or a bomb that fell on Seth Majid's mind. There was also a middle-aged man.
The two had just entered his room. The employee had told him that two men had come to see him. As soon as he entered the drawing-room, the middle-aged man said this sentence.

"Yes, of course! But what do you know about it?" He said sharply.

"Do you remember the day your son went missing, what was on his body? What was on his neck?"

"Yes, why not! She was dressed in green and red and had a precious gold pendant around her neck.

Police concluded that someone had picked him up because of the pendant, but if that was the case, he would have just taken the pendant, never the baby.

I thought the kidnapper was probably Kharkar, but what do you know about that? ”
"Look at this!" Said the middle-aged man, taking out a white and red dress from a bag and spreading it on the table in front of them.
This is exactly the same dress.
Where did you get it? ”His voice began to tremble.
"Let me tell you now; look at it first." Now he took out a pendant from the bag. Seeing this pendant, Seth Amjad jumped up very loudly and said: "This is exactly the same.
Why don't you tell me where to get it? ”
"Your son is in front of you."
"What?" Seth Amjad almost screamed.
"Yes, this is your son. I was the one who kidnapped him."
"How can this be? How did you come up with the idea of ​​returning my son after 25 years?" He said in a state of uncertainty.

"The feeling of guilt has started to bother me a lot at this age. Finally I got bored and decided to hand it over to you. “
"But why did you kidnap him?" He said, still in a state of uncertainty.
"It was my job to kidnap children and sell them to labor camps.
I kidnapped many more children, but I liked this child so much that I kept him with me. From that day on, I raised him as a father, even I taught him till matriculation. Ask. Before today, he used to think of me as his father.
As it got older, the father's love grew inside me, until one day I repented of kidnapping the child, but the feeling of guilt still remained. Now I am present, your child is present, If you like, hand me over to the police, if you like, forgive me.
"I can forgive you for the sake of my child, but you have abducted more children. What will happen to them? What will happen to their parents?"
"Where will they go? It is impossible for them to return. It will be painful for them to talk to the parents of these children, so you leave the matter to this.
"Hey, I haven't even met my child yet." Saying this, Seth hugged the young man to his chest. Tears started flowing from his eyes. At the same time, he said: "My children! Your mother is crying in your grief." When did she die? I had a hard heart that survived.
I forgive this person for your sake. ”
The middle-aged man said: "But Mr. Seth! You do another kindness."
"Say, what do you say?"
"I have raised him as a father. You allow me to visit him sometimes or once a month."
He said: "Permission."
"I would like permission now."
"No, now you're going to eat. I'll call a friend. Come on, my baby! I'll show you your house."
The young man became acquainted with Seth.

"You turn around and look at the room, let me call you a couple of times."
He came to his room and called someone, then came to the kitchen and instructed the employee to serve food. After that he sat next to the middle-aged man. The young man was still walking around the room.

"Where is Hamid?" Said the middle-aged man.
"So you named him Hamid, while I named my son Khawar."
"Call it whatever you want."
"Yes, why not?" He smiled.
Then he said in shock: "And I did not ask what your name is."
"My name is Rashid Khan," he said.
At that moment, the employee brought the food trolley inside. At the same time, Hamid came inside.
"Come on Hamid! Eat with them too."
After that they will leave and come back.
The two started eating. The doorbell rang. Then some policemen entered with the employee.
"What is this? Police!" Rasheed Khan jumped loudly. Surprise ran over the young man's face.

"Yes, police. I am not going to get involved in such activities." Seth Amjad smiled.
"What do you mean?" They both said together.
"You two are frauds, but I must ask you, what did you do to my child?" Said Seth.

"Tell us, what's the matter?" Said the police officer.
Seth Amjad told the whole thing to the police officer. Then he said: "This young man is definitely his son. He has brought him with the intention that I will consider him as my son. Then he would enjoy my wealth through him." But I'm not that straight.
I have finally seen the world. Yes, it is true that the same person abducted my child twenty-five years ago, because the pendants and clothes he showed me belong to my child. You ask him, Inspector! ”
"Yes, of course, why not?"
"This is really Seth's child. I'm telling the truth."
"No, not at all; I can still recognize my child today," said Seth Amjad.
"What do you mean? You can still recognize your child?" Said the police officer.

"Yes, because under my child's right shoulder there is a black raised mole near his armpit that can never be under this young man's armpit."
There was surprise on the faces of both the middle-aged man and the young man.
"Why are the fourteen plates lit up?" The police inspector laughed.

"He is their son. I did not misrepresent."
Take off your shirt and show it to your father, sir, so that the soot on his face becomes darker, ”said the police inspector.
The young man did not move from his place. He was standing like an idol.

"Take off his shirt," the police inspector told his subordinate.
The subordinate stepped forward and took off his shirt. The second moment was astonishing. The black raised mole under the young man's armpits was clearly visible.
Seth Amjad got up in shock and said: "What am I looking at? There is sesame here.
The young man said in a lost voice: "Tat-til."
"My children! My son! Stick to my chest. You are my food." Saying this, Seth Sahib grabbed him by the body.
The middle-aged man was sitting like an idol.

"Then this person proved to be truthful. Now what is the order for him, Seth Sahib!" Said the inspector.
"Let him go. Although he has committed many heinous crimes, but today he has done a great deed of good, he has united a father with a calf son.
No, not at all. ”The young man stammered.
"What do you mean, son?"
"He is not innocent, he is a great sinner. He has not told me to this day that I am not his son. He has always told me that I am your father."
Today he mentioned his plan. He told me that he had kidnapped and sold a child twenty-five years ago, but had kept his pendant and clothes. He thought he was the son of a very rich father. These things can work sometimes.

Today I made a plan and brought it with me that Seth Sahib will present me as his son. In this way I will become a son and accumulate wealth and I will continue to give him an equal share in this wealth. He also put me on the path of crime. "

They were all shocked, but Seth Sahib hugged the young man to his chest and the police inspector's hand got stuck on Rashid Khan's wrist.

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