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"Blessings in action" I don't know who's saying this is, but I heard it from my mother in my childhood. She kept repeating this saying till the better years of her life and I still follow this saying. I have been praising its meaning.

I can't understand a better statement than for a man who is determined to fulfill his purpose of birth and who wants to be a useful person in the world and who intends to live a healthy and productive life. Maybe.

After reading so much and understanding so much, you calmly consider whether you can do anything without movement.
The human body is a biological machine in which the process of change and construction continues from the beginning of life to the end of life.

In short, the body is a mixture of cells. These cells die, keep mixing, then take new cells in their place, and the chain of life and health remains the same. This is a natural process. This natural process can only continue if there is movement in the body, because movement is the thing that destroys the old cells and the new cells take their place and the body Then it gets fresh.

If there is no movement and man remains in a state of sluggishness, then the natural process will slow down and health and freshness will not come, old age will come.
A motor car should be an example. It has all the human parts. The food of this motor is petrol or diesel.
If the motor gets this food, it runs. Do not give this food, the motor will stop running. Keep the motor standing, do not move it. All its parts will rust. The wires etc. will rot. Such a motor would be a cheap package. Now if petrol or diesel is put in the stomach of this cheap package, then you know very well what can happen.
Just consider that a person is sitting on a bed of laziness and is going to eat, then what will be the end of it one day? Is this also a life? Life is just that man is active. In every sphere of life. May one soul be alive and may the flame be alive and well in every action.
A good person is one who stays in motion and gets all the blessings of life. Blessings belong to the one who moves. Start your morning with movement. Exercise.
Walking, running, swimming, horse riding, playing, etc. are all exercises. Exercise is essential for life and health.

Today's busy life has made man so difficult that he has become oblivious to his own life and health. This is a very strange kind of negligence, but this negligence is very dangerous. We must wake up. I should come. Of course you have a right to life and health, but there is another aspect that you should consider and that is that your health is also important for your country.

If every individual of the nation is healthy and energetic and dynamic, then it can clearly mean that Pakistan is strong and healthy. This means that staying healthy is both a right and your duty. In my opinion, there can be no better mission than this.

The meaning of the phrase "Blessing in movement" is now very clear, so start your every morning with movement. If you do not have much time, then you should exercise at home. I also play tennis, run and exercise whenever I can. I am also very busy, but I do exercise for my health and I benefit from its blessings.

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