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Millions of years ago, there were strange animals in the world. Some of them were so big that even our elephants looked like dwarfs in front of them. Scientists call these animals dinosaurs and they were in existence at the time. The time before history is called.

At that time birds like giants were flying in the air. They had fur on their arms. They had no feathers or hair. There was also a terrifying elephant. It was called a mammoth. Covered with hair and teeth touching the ground.

In addition to these, there were many other strange and endangered animals that are now extinct.

The question is, how did we know that these animals ever existed in the world? The skeletons of many of these animals have been found buried in the snow.

From these structures, scientists have been able to assess their shape and form, as well as find out when they were found.

Scientists say that mammoths lived in Alaska (USA) and Siberia (Russia) ten thousand years ago.

The dinosaurs lived in California (USA) 14 million years ago.

Some of them fell into a lake of coal. Scientists have excavated their structures from this place. The same thing happened in other parts of the world. When animals died, dust or sand would cover their bodies. In this way, their flesh would rot, but their bones would be preserved. Gradually, this mud or sand would turn to stone and the skeletons of these animals would be preserved forever.

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