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He was a laborer working in a factory and working in a town far from the village. Corona virus infected millions of people, hotels, markets, schools, universities, colleges, government offices and many factories were closed.

With the closure of the factory, he became unemployed. Now he had a written letter in his pocket and about five hundred rupees. This letter was written by his mother. I need at least two thousand rupees. Send it quickly if things were normal. Two thousand was nothing. I don't know how long this situation will last.
He also had to make ends meet, while his mother demanded that he send money quickly.
The factory owners withheld salaries and dues.

When he got off the bus and put his hand in his pocket, he was shocked that the pocket knife had blown away the money and the letter. What should I do now? It was difficult to make ends meet and it was impossible to fulfill my mother's order. One day, before he could open his mother's letter, he was shocked. How angry would his mother be? How can I deliver money to him? He remembered the letter he had written to his mother that he had lost his job and could not send money at the moment. ۔

He did not dare to post the letter.
He was forced to open the letter and wrote that he received the money order of two thousand sent by you. I am very happy. May Allah keep you happy and prosperous. Amen.
He was worried about who sent the money to his mother. He was not in this position. A few days later he got another letter written on it.

Brother, five hundred of you and fifteen hundred of you have sent two thousand to my mother-in-law, because the mother is the mother, whether it is yours or mine, why should she be hungry. Your culprit;

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