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What are you lost in, Ahsan? ”Sir Shaukat brought Ahsan out of the world of ideas.“ Nothing, sir! ”He wanted to put his words aside, then at Sir Shaukat's insistence he told him to write something. Thinking about

"What kind of writing?" Sir looked at him questioningly.
Ahsan said: "I read a magazine with restrictions and also comment on this magazine. Now I am thinking of writing an article so that I may also become a small writer.
It was heard that the whole class resounded with laughter.
Sir Shaukat Sahib silenced all the children and said in a manner of admiration:

Explaining to the children, Sir Shaukat added: "If your partner is participating in good activities, you should encourage him instead of discouraging him."
Then Sir addressed Ahsan and said: "Son! If your writing is published, I will give you a special reward.
With these short words of praise from Sir Shaukat, Ahsan became more enthusiastic and decided to write an essay every year. After a while, the holiday bell rang. All the children hung their bags on their shoulders and walked home. I was also a group of wicked children.
As soon as Sir Shaukat left the class, Rafi, the head of the evil group, addressed all his colleagues and said in a mischievous manner: “Children! God has given us two ears to hear from one ear and take out from the other. ”Hearing this, all the disciples laughed.

Ahsan also picked up his bag and walked towards the house. As soon as he left the school, his evil classmates Rafi, Noman and Fahim stopped him and said that today we have been insulted in the class because of you, so now We owe you something.
Saying this, he started beating Ahsan. After killing him, Rafi also threatened that if you told this to Sir, no one would be worse than us.
Ahsan reached home crying. Ahsan was an orphan boy. He had lost the affection of both his parents since childhood.
He was trained by Nani and he lived at Nani's house. When Nani saw him entering the house crying, he became very upset. He hugged him and asked: "Ahsan Bita! What happened?" You? Has anyone hit? ”

Ahsan went to the room without answering Nani and lay down on the bed with his face covered.

After a while, he had fallen asleep. When he woke up, he told Nani about the whole incident. Nani consoled him and said: “Son, good people in the world overcome bad people even though they are few. So son! Never give up the path of goodness and keep obeying the words of teachers and elders, success will kiss your feet.

Ahsan listened carefully to Nani's advice and decided to follow it. On the first day of the month, on his way back from school, he bought a magazine and when he got home he opened the magazine and started turning the pages. His eyes fell on his writing.
He couldn't believe his eyes that it was really his own writing. He wasn't sleeping happily.
When he showed his writing in the magazine to Mamoun Jan and Nani Jan, Mamoun Jan gave him a reward of 100 rupees. Look at the result of your student's hard work.
When Sir Shaukat saw his writing, he was very happy and encouraged him and said: "Well done son! This is what happened. Work harder. One day you will become a great writer and I will give you a reward from the headmaster.

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