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Vamri was sitting sadly on a high mound, in front of the green field, the animals were busy with their work. Some were grazing the grass, some were waiting for them. Some were drinking water from the river.

Birds were also flocking here and there. It was a happy day in the forest but on that day the fox was seriously affected. The fox had an important place in the life of the forest. She was the special advisor of the lion. All the animals treated her with respect and admired her intellect from the bottom of their hearts, but she was not happy with her status and was fed up with her character.

In the beginning, she was not proud of her honor and walked proudly, but now the situation had changed.

In fact, she would sigh when she saw other animals laughing at each other, laughing at stupid things, running aimlessly on the grass and kicking.

Her heart also wanted to laugh heartily at the jokes, put them on the grass, scratch the long hair of the bear and run away, but when she wanted to do something like that, other animals would look at her in surprise and she would be ashamed. Some events had made the animals look so small that they did not expect such small things from them.

However, she considered herself to be just like any other animal. She did not even care about her intellect and cunning which had become so popular in the forest as well as in human settlements that the clever man was called "cunning like a fox". Was about to be given.

When she looked at the events that led her to this position, she would be stunned. She saw less intellect involved in them, more timely use of the opportunity, and more stupid behavior of others. I hunted it three times with the lion and the wolf, and when the lion asked how to divide, and the wolf had already lost his life by answering first, the fox immediately learned a lesson and said, He got the certificate of wisdom by saying, "They belong to the lion."

Similarly, one day when he saw a crow pressing a piece of cheese in his mouth, he was tempted. Here he had only flattered the crow. Now that crow was so stupid that he did not bloom at the slightest compliment and the cheese The fox ate the piece with pleasure.

There were some incidents in which she ate her mouth but her honor remained due to the absence of any animal there. When she went to the vineyard one day and saw ripe grapes, her mouth watered. When it was full, he tried hard to get grapes but failed.

Eventually, in order to clear her throat, she left, saying, "The grapes are sour." However, the grapes were not sour at all, but were ripe, sweet grapes.
Now the fox was fed up. She sat on the mound hungry all day. At night, all the animals gathered there.

There was a lion sitting on one side. Everyone was talking happily. It was a moonlit night, the whole moon had lit up the sky. Clouds were flying away. The wolves were a little restless. The lion would stare at them angrily but his stomach was full so he would ignore them.

There was a discussion among the animals as to whether the moon was moving or the clouds were all trying to guess by looking up at the sky. Some thought that the moon was moving while some animals were in favor of the clouds. As their argument escalated into an argument, the lion became angry.
He sniffed the snake loudly.

"It's up to you to decide who you are." Everyone's eyes turned to the fox.
Once again the ball landed in the fox's court, it was in a bad state of anger. He had no idea what was moving.

Then he thought that this is a good opportunity to give an answer that is stupid so that he loses his life for the future.
He said, "Brothers and sisters, if the moon is stopped, then the clouds are moving, and if the clouds are stopped, then the moon is moving."
No one understood this reckless answer, but these words came from the mouth of an animal from which they did not expect a stupid answer, so everyone started wow wow, including the lion. She got up quietly and left for an unknown place.

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