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Hammad studied in the eighth grade of his village school. He was a capable, hardworking and obedient student to his parents and teachers. In addition to serving his parents, he listened to and listened to their advice.

He belonged to a poor family in the village. His parents wanted to make him a successful man. One day he told my mother that all my classmates had a good bag of books, pens, copies and other necessities every day. They bring new ones and especially their very high and excellent food while on the contrary I don't have such items and lunch is also mediocre.

Ahmed complained to my mother.

Hearing this, my mother's eyes filled with compassion.

But then she started encouraging me and said, "Son, we realize that you should not have education facilities like this, but you see that this money is the earnings of your father's blood and sweat. We saved this for your school." Spending on fees and other educational needs. Here, for a while, her mother became silent after drinking water.

Hammad was listening to my mother.
His mother said, "Son, do not be ungrateful, but give thanks to Allah for this food. Allah says in the Qur'an," If you are thankful, I will give you more blessings, and if you are ungrateful, I will give you more blessings. The torment is severe.
"What's the thank you?" Asked Amy John Hammad anxiously.
The third caliph, Hazrat Uthman, said, "Do not spend your blessings in an inappropriate place. It is ungrateful."
On hearing this, Hammad promised that he would never be ungrateful for any blessing or such things in the future, so my mother kissed his forehead tenderly and started doing household chores. Allah gave Hammad's father a job in a good place, because of which Hammad's complaint went away automatically and he lived happily for the rest of his life.

Dear children, if you live like Hammad with gratitude, your life will be happy too.

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