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This is a summer afternoon. The weather was very pleasant that day. The scorching sun of the last several days was a little lacking today. Maybe that's why Amy went to the market with her neighbor. She had to buy me a new uniform and I He knew very well that his return would not be possible before three or four hours.

Father John was sleeping in his room. That is, the narrator was writing in Chinese everywhere.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the novel I started reading was huge and interesting. While reading it, I did not realize the time. When my mother came and snatched it from her hand, she found out how much time had passed.

Amy took the novel with her to the room and I didn't dare ask her.

While doing my usual work, my attention was focused on the novel. Did the prince free the princess from the captivity of the black giant? Did the princess return to her country?

Of course, the two will get married. But before that, the prince will also face the giant. The prince had just reached Mount Qaf.
What was to come next was known only yesterday, because the novel was in my mother's room. There were four windows in my grandfather's room.
Our house was on the corner of the street. There was only one window in my room which opened in Grandpa John's room. I often jumped out of the window instead of the door and reached Grandpa's room. Grandpa The pigeons had made a nest in his room.

All the windows of his room were open which not only brought air, but also rats, cats and pigeons. Cats and rats used to go back, but the pigeons had made the house.
After the death of his grandfather, the pigeons also left.
The nest was deserted, but the cats and mice kept coming and going. I made my grandfather's room my study room. Whenever I had to read a story, I would lie down on my grandfather's bed. The cool breeze coming from the windows, Silence and tranquility add to the enjoyment of the story.

I enjoyed reading the novel without any worries. The novel had reached a very interesting and thrilling point. The prince was confronted by a giant. Suddenly, not knowing where to go, a bird chirped and sat next to me. She looked at him and flew away again.
When I turned back to the novel, the bird came again. I didn't pay any attention. Prince, I was about to subdue the giant with the magic wand given by the fairy when the bird came again. She was restless, sometimes sitting here and sometimes there. ۔
I looked at him angrily.
The whole story was done with pleasure, but the bird was fluttering around, ignoring my emotions. Suddenly I realized that the bird was trying to tell me something. Now after reading the stories, I have so much wisdom. I put the novel and started watching his movements.
I soon found out what the bird was saying to me. The baby bird had fallen to the ground. She wanted me to help her baby. I put the novel aside and picked up the baby bird. The baby was a piece of meat. His eyes were closed but his stomach was very swollen.
The bird had kept him very open. His stomach was swollen and suffocated with the coming breaths. When I picked him up, he sighed. Now I picked up the baby, but where should I keep him?
The bird probably sensed my distress. She hurried to the nest, then came down.
She would go to the nest again and again and sit at some distance from me. She had settled the pigeon's nest. The bird told me where to keep the baby, but how to keep it? I have to find the answer myself. I picked up a wooden stool from the store room.
Even after climbing on the stool, my hand was unable to reach the nest. There was a bird that was getting restless. I removed my ass from the mashhari and put it on the ground. Was at a distance of
I picked up the plank from the kitchen.
"What's going on?" Amy's sharp voice echoed. I looked down nervously and the stool faltered.
I heard a frightened voice from my mother's mouth. I controlled myself.
"Get down immediately." Amy said in a loud voice. I was about to forget the baby in my hand when the bird chirped and started circling my head again.
I saw my mother. There was fear in her eyes. She was afraid that I might fall somewhere.
On one side was my mother, who feared I would fall. On the other side was the mother whose child had fallen. I did not understand the language of the bird or the bird, but I thought that the bird may have understood my mother's words. He never had a moment in the window of the nest.
There were two mothers in front of me and their hearts were pounding. One child was helpless and the other child was afraid of falling. I overcame my fear and reached out and put the child in the nest. Went to the nest. I also got down from the stool slowly and carefully.
As soon as I got down, my mother rushed up and hugged me.
"What if something happened to you?" He said in a choked voice.
"Nothing could have happened to me. At last two mothers were praying for me."
My mother listened to me and kissed me on the forehead and hid me in her arms again. I was sure that the mother sitting in the nest at that time would be loving her child in the same way.

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