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Heck, that's a good thing. The old woman gave the bag of seeds to Larina. Mangita's fever had increased and she could not sleep all night. She was lying on her bed and her eyes started turning yellow.

Larina was so happy to see her sister in trouble that she never told him about the seeds and hid them under her bed. The next morning, when Larina opened her eyes, she saw that Mangita was drenched in sweat. She smiled, and when she left the house, the old woman entered. "How dare you enter my house without permission?"

Larina growled.

The old woman smiled. She licked her finger and there was smoke everywhere. After a while, Larina saw that the old woman had turned into a beautiful young man. "What is this? Are you an angel? Are you an angel?" I am not an angel, I am a prince.

House Valley Dome I am wandering around the world looking for a kind woman to marry and I have to admit that I finally found the woman I was looking for if If he accepts me. ”Of course my princes! How many days have I waited for this day? Let's go somewhere far away from this place and we will always be happy and content.

Larina jumped for joy.

"Shut up, you ruthless lady, I wasn't talking about you." The prince said angrily, "Oh yes." The prince rolled his eyes at Mangita and closed his eyes.

A golden light shone around his body. Mangita, who was lying on her bed with her eyes closed, was also illuminated by this golden light. Larina saw all this in amazement. Soon Mangita opened her eyes and stood up feeling completely healthy. When the prince opened his eyes, the golden light disappeared.

Mangita was surprised because she had no idea what was going on. The prince smiled and he explained everything to Mangita. I was out all night. Seeing you, your sister is so ruthless. She deprived you all night of the seeds that I gave her for your recovery. She was happy to see you and prayed for your worst condition.

Mangita was very sad to hear all this from the prince. She was very sorry for her sister. She turned to her sister Larina. "Sister, why? Why do you hate me so much?" Mangita cried.
"Oh ․․․․․! Please I don't have time for this whole drama. Get out of here with your prince and leave me alone. I never liked you and I will never like you." Said in a very hateful tone.

Hearing this, tears flowed from Mangita's eyes but the prince came forward to comfort her and spoke. Don't be discouraged because of this. He is not worthy of your love and mercy. Let's leave here and go to my kingdom. I would like to make you my wife if you accept me as your husband. She is my sister, ”said Mangita.

Some people never change, it would be better for you to know it now. ”The prince said to Mangita,“ Isn't this drama between you two over yet? I am getting bored. Don't come this way. Lorina addressed both of them in an angry voice.

Then Mangita looked at the prince and nodded in agreement. The prince snapped his fingers and the two disappeared into the air. The prince brought her to his palace. The marriage was solemnized and they both began to live a very contented life, while Larina remained ruthless to others. She did not change at all.

Mangita still made sure that her sister continued to receive adequate food without her knowing. The prince laughs many times that Mangita still hopes that her sister will change. Well some people will never change my sister will change one day i know i am not talking about it i am talking about your trust for that and both started smiling.

Hello Islam! My name is Manu Bili. I have left my forest and come to the city nowadays. Why did I come because I don't like jungle life. Oh my God, even rats have died of hunger in my stomach.
Hey, this is the meat shop in front, let's go there. What do you see and hear when you go there and hear that a butcher is mixing fresh and stale meat while the butcher's employee is saying that people get sick like this? But the butcher slapped the employee and spoke.
"You care about people. If they die, let them die. Even before they die, who is not dying? I am not doing anything more dangerous than the corona virus. What difference does it make if so many die from this virus?

Brother, I loved my life so I ran away from there.

What I see on the way is an old woman who wants to cross the road and repeatedly says hi my child how can I go to the doctor and pay him a fee so that he can operate on my child.
But how can she cross the road because people have wrong parking in places.
Well, she had to save her child's life, so she somehow crossed the road. And then the people who abused her repented, Al-Aman. If the brakes are applied suddenly, the vehicles will wave as they do now.
"Hey, there's another cat in front of me and he's got a big piece of meat in his mouth. So she reached out to me and said," Hey, cat, are you new here? "I nodded helplessly. Shaken. "Okay, then you were our guest, weren't you?"
"No, you brought it for yourself." I said, and he said, "I don't think you and my companions will keep it. Who else will keep it? After all, ability is the name of something."
Thank you very much; after eating I thought I would take a short walk so I moved on.
I had just taken a short walk when I saw a crying baby in torn old clothes and slowly saying, "Mom, I'm hungry." No matter, the one in front of Uncle's burger shop will give him a burger.
But what happened? A slap fell on the child's face and at the same time his uncle's croaking voice fell on his ears. I was crying in a painful voice.
Surprisingly, I heard that man only knows how to love. But what is happening here? I was walking away asking myself when I heard people crying and at the same time someone spoke. ”The oppressors killed everyone and left no one.
Later it came to the notice of the people that unknown persons opened fire in the bazaar and shot every person present there and then fled from there. Oh! My God, kill the man here with such cruelty. Puts.
In our forest, everyone lives with love and then cities are built with love and affection. My mother says that if there is no love in the hearts for others, then the heart becomes a beast. Do all human beings in this country? Has the love of each other ended in the hearts of the people? So the forest became this place, didn't it? And the city where we live became the city because there is more love and affection there.

Comrades! This is a moment of reflection for us. What is the current situation of the country? We have to share love at every moment because God has also instructed us to love human beings. So let's pledge love to human beings.

Hurry up Amy! It's already too late for me. Now you can just breathe after drinking a full cup of tea. Sometimes you should be allowed to have a light breakfast. ”Javed folded his hands in front of his mother.

Amy laughed and said: "Son! Do you speak like that in front of your officers in the office? There will be nothing coming out of your mouth except, sir, and no sir."
"Amy! That is the office, this is the house. There are officers and you are my dear little Amy John."
There is a big difference. ”Saying this, Javed took his lunch box and saluted and came out of the house.
Today was Thursday. There was a lot of traffic on the road. As soon as Javed reached the bus stop, a bus full of passengers arrived at the same time.

After much pushing, Javed got on the bus.

Unable to get a seat, he grabbed the bus pole and stood up. A few moments later, when the conductor asked for the ticket money, Javed took out his purse and paid for the ticket.
Then the bus stopped at Javed's stop and Javed got down, pushing the people back and forth.
As soon as he got down, he put his hand in his pocket. The color of his face flew away. Some tyrant had cleaned his pocket very neatly. Now he remembered that when he took out his wallet to give tickets, the eyes of a young man standing nearby were on his purse.
Of course he was a pickpocket, but nothing could happen now.
Javed stood on the sidewalk and began to assess his loss. About six hundred rupees, an identity card and off, he also took a check with the tyrant's purse. As soon as he thought of the check, the innocent face of the "queen" appeared in front of his eyes and his anxiety increased.

Javed was a painstaking young man. He, along with a few like-minded youths from the neighborhood, founded a welfare organization aimed at helping the poor. Many poor families were on their feet because of the hard work of these young men. Had stood
To help these poor people, the youth of the organization used to receive donations from good hearted and wealthy gentlemen and then buy dowry for poor girls from this donation.
The queen's parents were also poor. When the queen's relationship was settled, these young men found out.
He immediately started collecting donations for this poor sister. On that day, Javed had taken donations from a Seth Sahib in this regard, but Seth Sahib had given a check instead of cash. The check was for ten thousand rupees.
Today Javed was supposed to deliver the check to the queen's parents, but along with the purse, he also took the check in his pocket.
Javed was more worried about the check than his money, which was just a piece of paper for the pocket knife, but not finding it could have stopped the queen's marriage.
Ten days passed in the same predicament. Meanwhile, Javed also advertised in the newspaper that he might get the check, but nothing happened.
There were five days left in Rani's wedding. The boys' demand for furniture remained the same. Javed's troubles with Rani's parents also increased.
One day Javed was sitting in his office lost in the thought that Chaprasi had brought him a letter.
Javed's name was written on the letter.
When Javed opened the envelope, he jumped. Out of it came the same check for which Javed was worried. In addition to the check, there was also a small leaflet in the envelope. Javed opened the pamphlet with a beating heart and began to read.
Ms. Javed Anwar Sahib! Peace be upon you!
I am your culprit. I took your wallet. I admit that I made a mistake, but I was very compelled. I desperately needed money. In fact, my sister Rani's marriage has been arranged in a good family, but the demands of the boys are so high that I was forced to take this step.
Hopefully you will forgive one of your needy brothers.
And yes! There was also a check for a large sum of money in your wallet which was of no use to me, as it was a tax check and could only be credited to the account of the person whose name was written on it.
So I am sending that check back to you. I apologize to you once again. "

After reading this letter from a sister's compelled brother, Javed began to think that I had got this check for the queen herself. If the queen's brother had trusted in Allah and had been patient for a few more days, this check would also have been of use to the queen, but he took the wrong path.

Mahnoor was the lovely daughter of her parents with her hard work and ability. She was a fourth class student. But she was also very naughty with Zaheen. Teasing her classmates and friends seemed to be Mahnoor's favorite pastime.

One day during a break in school, Mahnoor hid the lunch box of her classmate Sania. Sania kept looking for her lunch box for a long time and got tired of not finding the end. She laughed and, taking advantage of Sania's absence as she was about to leave, secretly put her lunch box in her bag.
The next day was Sunday and the children's favorite day. Like all the other children, Mahnoor was playing sports with her friends all day and doing her mischiefs and then in the evening, as usual, the girls of the neighborhood There was a party and she came to study tuition with Mahnoor's mother.

By the way, all of them would have had a holiday on Sunday, but since there was a calligraphy competition in her class on Monday under the supervision of Miss Sadaf, all the girls, including Mahnoor, took help from Mahnoor's mother. Beautifully written homework on my notebook.

When everyone wrote on their notebooks. At the request of Mahnoor's mother, a girl collected copies of the five girls and placed them in front of Mahnoor's mother. After checking the copies, Mahnoor's mother did some work. After leaving, Amy got everyone busy talking. Mahnoor secretly picked up a copy of the red card and put it in the closet, thinking that it was Ghazala's copy and became engrossed in sports. And in the first parade, according to the plan, Miss Sadaf asked all the girls to show their handwriting. When it was Mahnoor's turn, she searched the whole bag.

But when he did not get the copy, he was scolded by Miss. In fact, the cover of Ghazala and Mahnoor's copy was red and Mahnoor mistakenly put her copy in the cupboard and thought it was Ghazala's. Miss Ghazala liked her writing very much and she deserved the prize.

Today, for the first time, Mahnoor was left behind. She was very sorry. When she came home, she refused to eat. Her mother, seeing her upset, asked her the reason. She explained everything in detail. Explain to him that it is very bad to harass others and that there is a punishment for wrongdoing.

We should never bother anyone. ”Hearing this, Mahnoor started crying and she repented sincerely and never did such a mischief again that would harm anyone. Dude! We should also never do such mischief that hurts others. Because Allah does not like people who hurt anyone.

The purpose of the blessings that Allah Almighty has sent down on this earth is for the servants of Allah to enjoy these blessings and give thanks to the Holy Lord. Shahid was also a young man of ten or fifteen years who said this. He wanted to eat winter and summer things and food and improve his health.
At the same time, pay attention to your education and study. One day, God woke up in the morning, Shahid was busy preparing to go to school. He was already wearing a uniform, now he only had to have breakfast. ۔ Shahid, who was not sitting at the breakfast table, had water in his mouth.

He just wanted to put the first bite in his mouth when his cat broke down for breakfast and everything was gone.

This was Shahid's pet cat who had been acquainted with Shahid for a long time and Shahid also loved the cat very much by holding it in his hands. Were

On the other hand, Shahid had put only a morsel of this breakfast in his mouth and his health also deteriorated. While the cat had died after having breakfast. See a doctor immediately.

Abu agreed with Shahid and he got Shahid in his car and rushed to the doctor. The doctor immediately examined Shahid and Shahid's father told the doctor that Dr. Sahib! When he took a bite, his condition began to deteriorate.
Maybe there was something poisonous in the cat's mouth which caused it to die. There could be a great danger.

Allama Iqbal was a national poet, painter of Pakistan, a thinker and philosopher. Here are some of the many events of his life.
Once Raja Narendra Nath invited Allama Iqbal to an invitation.
When Allama Iqbal reached there, he saw deer skins lying in the room. Allama Iqbal started passing by them. Raja Narendra Nath saw this scene with great surprise and when he found out the reason, Allama Iqbal said, Sitting and walking on it creates unconscious pride in a person.
On hearing this, Raja Sahib was so surprised and impressed that he stood silently for many moments and stared at the face of Allama Iqbal.
The incident took place in 1911 when Allama Iqbal recited his famous poem "Shokoh" in a special way at the annual meeting of Anjuman-e-Hamaat-e-Islam Lahore.

Allama Iqbal's father Sheikh Noor Mohammad was also present in the meeting and was witnessing the scenes of his son's poetic perfection and heartfelt affection. When Allama Iqbal recited the poem, his great admirer Khawaja Safdar stepped forward. And with enthusiasm he happily put his precious two shawls on the shoulders of Allama Iqbal.
At the same time, Allama Iqbal handed over these valuable two shawls to the organizers of Anjuman-e-Hamaat-e-Islam.
Once a group of students came to see Allama Iqbal and he asked a strange question: "Why didn't you get the Nobel Prize?" The students thought that when the world's greatest personalities and Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore got the Nobel Prize If so, then why is Allama Iqbal deprived of this universal award despite being such a distinguished personality? Allama Iqbal who used to listen to all kinds of questions of the students with a smile on his face.
He smiled when he heard this question and said: "If I had won the Nobel Prize, I would have been asked, 'What are some of the outstanding things that you have done to win this prize?' The question does not arise.
"After this reasoned answer, there is no room for debate.
Allama Iqbal was once going to Lahore by train. In the same coach, an elder of the Kakzai family found out that the poet of the East was his companion. He was happy and surprised. Allama Iqbal shook his hand warmly and lit a cigarette. Presented the box.
The elder took the cigarette and put it in his pocket instead of lighting it. Allama Iqbal was surprised to find out the reason.
Allama Iqbal, smiling, offered another cigarette and said: "Well, enjoy it."
But instead of lighting it, the elder put it in his pocket. Allama Iqbal smiled and became silent.
There was a cordial ceremony between Allama Iqbal and Maha Raja Sarkarshan Prashad of Deccan. Once Allama Iqbal visited Hyderabad Deccan and stayed with Maha Raja.
The Maha Raja hosted Allama Iqbal in an aristocratic manner according to his status. There, a gentleman came to meet Allama Iqbal, wearing an old-fashioned tunic, Mughal pajamas and a double-breasted hat. Wanted to meet.
He said to Allama Iqbal that you are living in the palace of the Prime Minister of Deccan, I am a poor man, he can not bring comfort, but my heartfelt wish is to have a meal at my house It will be a source of great happiness for me.
Allama Iqbal accepted the invitation and reached the Mughal prince at the appointed time. He was present at his door alone to receive Allama Iqbal. His sincerity and love was such that it was as if eyes were really on Allama Iqbal's path. Have given

When Allama Iqbal got down from the ride, the Mughal prince took his hand and read this verse of taste: "Look, Eid has come to an end." Hearing this verse, Allama Iqbal remembered the splendor of the Mughal Empire and thought As their host is a poor and impoverished prince of the same family, tears fell on their eyes.

One day, Allama Iqbal, wearing his usual vest and apron, was sitting on the porch of the house drinking haqqa and discussing with his friends. Mumtaz Hassan was also present at the event. He was the Managing Director of Pakistan.

Two tall soldiers who looked like the people of North Punjab. They came there and quietly sat on the empty chairs there. Shortly afterwards, one of them asked Mumtaz Hassan: Where is Beer Street Law Member, Punjab Legislative Council?
Mumtaz Sahib laughed uncontrollably at this question. Allama Iqbal's friend and professor of Islamia College Muhammad Shafi found out the reason for his laughter. He said that he was looking for the spokesman of the truth, Sir Dr. Allama Iqbal. Could not be found yet.

Muhammad Shafi Sahib looked at these young men and pointed to Allama Iqbal and said, "Who are these people?" There was a laugh in the audience and Allama Iqbal himself was among those who laughed. The soldiers understood that the spokesman of reality, Allama Iqbal, was the one who was sitting in front of them with such eloquence and simplicity.

Prior to the formation of Pakistan, the rulers of the states were seemingly independent, but in fact were subordinate to the British. The Prime Minister of the state was appointed by order of the Viceroy of India. Would have been subordinate to the Nawab of Kashmir, but behind the scenes all the administration of the state was run according to the orders of the Viceroy of India.
In this way, the Nawab became a puppet in the hands of the Prime Minister. Once a Sahib who was nominated as the Prime Minister of the state of Bahawalpur, did not become a Nawab of Bahawalpur at all. Sahib himself kept writing letters full of complaints to the Viceroy of India, but no hearing was held.
Nawab Sahib was compelled to write a letter to Allama Iqbal and wanted to make him his lawyer who was a famous barrister at that time. Allama Iqbal as a barrister examined the case and then settled the case by paying a fee of Rs.
So Allama Iqbal left Lahore for Delhi and went straight from the station to the office of the Viceroy of India and showed his card to the Secretary.
The secretary said that the principle is that you write your name on the register and I will send it inside the register, the person who is to be called is called. So you also write the name instead of giving the card. Allama Iqbal said If the viceroy does not want to meet on my card, I will go back, but I will not write my name on the register.
The secretary was forced to take the card inside. The Viceroy agreed to meet him and inquired about the reason for Allama Iqbal's visit. Is.
There are differences between Nawab Sahib and him, which is hampering state affairs. The Viceroy said that the appointment was made in accordance with the rules and regulations and Nawab Sahib should like it.
Allama Iqbal said that the matter is very trivial.
The aim of the ruler's politics should be to have good relations between the viceroy and the state, but the intrusion and incompetence of the prime minister will undermine this great cause. But the support of the Prime Minister should be given up and a person should be appointed who is also liked by the Nawab Sahib.
Finally, the viceroy promised to change the prime minister. When this was decided, the viceroy said that you should have dinner with me the day after tomorrow. Allama Iqbal said that I have to go to Lahore today. The viceroy said, "Well, let's go tomorrow." Iqbal said, "But I have to go today. I can't stay until tomorrow."
(Even the state in front of the viceroy did not dare to speak.) The viceroy said that he wished to eat with you, I would be happy with that. Allama Iqbal said that if this wish can be fulfilled even today. So he had lunch with the Viceroy on the same day and left for Lahore.

There was an incident with Allama Iqbal, the servant of Allama Iqbal, which he remembered all his life. He says that once he was happy with my services and said, "Ali Bakhsh, tell me what can I give you so that you be happy.
I said that the matter that happened to you that night and I asked about it. Allama Iqbal said that I will tell you on the condition that you will not tell anyone in my life. It is as if one night around midnight, Allama Iqbal was changing crotches in bed with anxiety and restlessness.
Suddenly I got up and went to the door of the house which opens towards McLeod Road. I (Ali Bakhsh) also went back. So many clean and well-dressed elders entered inside. You (Allama Iqbal) took them inside. They brought them and sat them down on the bed and began to press their feet.
Allama Iqbal asked the elder, "What should I bring for you?"
The old man said that he would make curd lassi.

You ordered me to bring lassi from the bazaar. I was wondering where to get lassi at that time? But as I came out of the house, a bazaar appeared which I had not seen before.

I saw a lassi shop in the bazaar. When I went to him, he took a jug, washed it and then made lassi. Asked for money, he said that our calculations are going on with Allama Sahib. I came back and presented the jug to Allama Iqbal. He filled a glass and gave it to the elder.

He drank and then offered another. He drank that too and when he filled the third glass, the elder said drink it yourself. After a while the elders got up and left. Allama Iqbal also went to take them to the door and I also followed them. The elders suddenly disappeared after leaving the house and there was no bazaar outside where I went to Lucy. 

Brought At that time Hazrat did not tell me what was the matter, but when I asked him again that day, he said that I will tell you but with one condition at least I will not tell anyone in my life. Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri (may Allah have mercy on him) and Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajwary (may Allah have mercy on him) were the ones who visited the house.

One day, the king of the forest went on a state tour with his minister, the leopard. On the way, the minister described the condition of the forest and said: "Peace, O king! Everyone is happy with your government."
All animals live in peace and quiet, but there is a cat that fights with everyone. That is why everyone calls it a quarrelsome cat. ”
"We can't allow anyone to spread mischief in our jungle, we will definitely teach him a lesson.
The lion replied.
The minister said: "Sir, he is very angry and rude. Don't insult me."
"Don't worry, it's like a hunting net," said the lion. Both the lion and the cheetah roamed the forest until it was noon.

The king intended to stay near the dense trees.
The lion was resting in the shade of the trees when a bone fell on his head from above. The lion looked up angrily and saw a fat cat sitting on a branch, chewing meat with great pleasure and the bones down. Was throwing
The lion gestured to the minister and asked about the cat.
When the minister looked at the cat, he recognized it and said: "Holy Prophet, this is the same quarrelsome cat I told you about in the morning."
The lion said to the minister: "Bring the cat before us.
The minister addressed the cat and said: "Auntie! Come down, the king of peace has to talk to you." The minister was afraid of what had happened. The cat shouted: What is it? Take back your word. ”
The lion understood that the minister was telling the truth, this is really a quarrelsome cat.
He motioned for the minister to remain silent and said affectionately: "Madam! My minister is ignorant. I apologize on his behalf. Come down. I have to consult you on a government matter."
The cat growled and said: "Well, I'm sorry, tell me what advice is needed?"
The lion said with great affection: "You are a worthy cat. There are rumors of your wisdom and prudence all over the forest, so I want to make you my minister."
As soon as the present minister heard this, his ears were pricked up and he started looking at the lion with surprise, but the lion gestured with his eye and consoled him. She came down from the tree and approached the lion and said happily: “Peace, O king!
"But the lion hit the claw so hard that the cat hit the flying tree. The cat tried to get up and run away, but failed. The lion immediately ordered his arrest. The trial went on and the cat was punished for what it did. The cat then apologized to everyone and never bothered anyone.

There were two girls named Banu and Rano. They were both good friends. Bano and Rano both lived in the same neighborhood but Bano was interested in school and household chores. She was also very intelligent and wise, while Rano was relaxed and a little stupid and less intelligent.

Once Bano planned to go to her grandmother's house in the summer and started preparing to go to her grandmother's house. On the way he met a cow, the cow said: “Daughter! Clean the dung around me so I can sit comfortably.
Rano cleared the dung and after moving forward he found a banyan tree. The tree said: "Daughter! Clean the dry leaves that I have. People sit in my shade and spread dirt."

Banu cleaned the dried leaves. As she began to move, she found a stone. She said, “Daughter, clean up the mess around me.

Banu cleaned it and she went to her grandmother Jan's house. Going there, he helped his old grandmother John in his work. When Bano started coming back to her house, her grandmother John gave her many gifts.
When he returned, he found the same stone with gold bricks instead of pieces.
Stone said: "Daughter! Take as many bricks as you want. Banu took some bricks and went ahead. Then he found the same banyan tree. At the request of the tree, Rano took some of the precious clothes hanging from its branches. Now Banu went ahead and found the same cow. The cow said: “Daughter, drink as much milk as you want and take this sweet with you.
Banu returned to her home like this. And he told everything to his friend Rano.
Rano also heard her words and decided to go to her grandmother Jan's house and she started preparing to go. On the way she found the same cow.
The cow said: "Daughter! You clean this dung. Rano said to him, "I am not a Banu to obey you." As he proceeded, he found the same banyan tree and stone, and when they asked Rano to clean it, he gave them a very strong answer.
Now she reached her grandmother's house. She went to her grandmother's house and did not do any work but ate and drank well and did not want anything new.
When Rano started returning home, her grandmother did not give any gift to her work thief granddaughter.
On the way back, they found the same stones and banyan trees. The two of them rained small stones and dry leaves on Rano. Rano escaped and found the same cow. The cow kicked him so hard that it fell away. He was badly injured and he was injured. Reached her home in good condition. That is why it is said that it is good to help others.

I still remember an accident in my life that I will probably always remember. This accident changed my life. Five years ago, when I was in fifth grade, my friendship with some bad guys in those days. Was done with
All of us friends would get together and make new naughty plans and then start working on them. They say that friendship is like a habit. One day my friends said to me: "We don't have to go to school today." Me and my friends. Abid and Munir hid their bags in one place and went to a field, where they bathed in a pool of water.

There were some empty bottles lying in the field. Abid said: “They take these bottles and sell them in the market.

"In a short while, Babu Kaka, who was buying rubbish, was passing by. We became like silver. We sold all the bottles to Babu Kaka and the three of us shared equally all the money we got in return.

Meanwhile, Munir climbed on top of a room in the field on which his key was kept. He picked up the key and threw it towards the road.
We wandered around like this until the holidays. About four-thirty we took out our bags and started walking towards our respective homes.
When it was evening, he handed me the newspaper at home. My father was suddenly shocked while reading the news. In today's latest news, he said: "It was stolen in Lalaji's field in broad daylight. Thieves stole several thousand rupees and essentials.
"Meanwhile, there was a knock on the door. Babu Kaka, who was buying rubbish, was standing outside. I was shocked to see him. He told my father that today I saw your son in Lalaji's field. My hair stood on end.

I remembered that Munir had thrown the key of this room towards the road. Babu Kaka said: "Son, don't worry, the real thieves have been caught. But remember to always be with good and good boys. ”After they left, Abu and Ami scolded me a lot.
The next day my mother dropped me off at school and told my teacher what had happened yesterday and that I had been wandering around all day. The teacher also lovingly explained to me to always stay away from wrongdoing. Vowed never to do anything wrong.

I can't become a doctor in a village. She. ”Sedrah slammed the letter of her appointment on the table. And passed the test, but the department made you a doctor, so where? A modest hospital in a village.
Sedrah's father said: "All right Sedrah! Don't go there."
I will give you a job in a big hospital in the city. What is the need to push the village? ”
"Exactly." As Shirin Begum announced the final decision: "You have grown up in the city. You have seen the comforts of the city. You have lived a comfortable life.

During all these conversations, Sedrah's grandfather was completely silent. He was lost in a deep thought. He was lost in another world like Gum Sam.
"Daddy! What are you thinking?" Ahmed Khan asked.
Sedrah will definitely go to the village.
"Everyone was shocked by Grandpa's words.
"Grandpa!" Sidra got up and came to Grandpa: "You know I've never spent a day in the village, can I go and live there?"
"The villagers need you, daughter!" Said the grandfather.

"Grandpa! Don't worry, if I don't go, another girl will go there. Girls in need of jobs are forced to go to the village."
"But this village needs you, Sidra! Only you. You don't have to go there happily."
The girls who are forced to leave can be exchanged soon. ”
"Take and listen; what is this father saying?" Shereen Begum addressed Sedrah's father: "On the one hand, my father wants to send Sedrah to the village and also wants Sedrah to exchange from there. Did not even come to the city.
There was a strange disturbance in Shereen Begum's tone.
"Don't force Sidra, Daddy!" Ahmed Khan said: "Now the children can make better decisions about themselves."
"Well, Sedrah will decide for herself and you will have to accept whatever she decides.
Saying this, the grandfather went to his room. Ahmed Khan and Shereen Begum were looking at each other worriedly. Couldn't understand the impression and came to her room.
The darkness of the night was slowly moving towards the light. The window of Sidra's room was open. The lone bird sitting on the cypress tree next to the window did not know where it had come from. And in solitude there was a painful song in the sound of this bird's whistle.
Grandpa came in holding a glass of milk in his hand. Sidra was reading a book. He said: "Take it, son! Drink milk."
He grabbed the glass: "Thank you, Grandpa! How much you care for me."
"Are you still studying?" Grandpa sat down next to him.

"Grandpa!" She said. "I couldn't sleep. I can't even read. I'm just hearing the sound of a bird that is still awake."
"Yes, son, it seems that he has escaped from his fear. The birds that escape from their companions cannot sleep.
In the same way, they give painful voices. They call their friends. "
"Grandpa! Won't this bird be able to meet its own. Will it keep calling?"
"No, son! Someday his call will reach them. They too will be eager to get it."
They will come to get it. ”Grandpa said after a pause.
"Like this bird, sometimes man also separates from his family. He leaves his land and then the fragrance of the land calls him. He calls him. Every particle of this earth has a right over its inhabitant."
When the inhabitants of this land return, the spring of the monsoon season comes on this land. ”
"Really?" Sedrah asked, blinking.
"Yes," replied the grandfather. "Have you ever seen the springs of the village? Haven't you seen the mustard yellow flowers dancing? Haven't you heard the waves of rain? I'm sure you'll go. All colors will welcome you.
You must be a guest of the village for one day. ”
"Who are we going to, Grandpa? Who's there?"
"To Baba Noor Din," said Dada.
"Well, Baba," said Sedrah, thinking something: "Sometimes they come from the village."
They love me very much. They bring me gar, desi ghee, butter, greens and what not. ”
"Yes, the same Baba. You had said that you have not gone to the village even for a day, so you will have to spend one day with me in the village of Baba Noor Din."
Son ! You have to know what villages are like. ”
"Good Grandpa! I'll obey you. I'll go with you tomorrow, but promise that you won't ask me to work in any village again. Promise." Sedrah extended her hand. The grandfather laughed and stopped him.

The next morning, when Sedrah told her mother-in-law that she was going to Baba Noor Din's village with her grandfather for a day, Shereen Begum became very upset and shouted: "No way. You don't go for a day." G. Daddy doesn't know what strip you have read that you are ready to go to this dirty village.
Where there is animal dung lying on the road. Where dust flies and flies buzz everywhere. There is no clean water, no good food. There is no life in repentance. ”
Then she addressed her husband: "Explain to Khan Sahib to your daughter.
Ahmed Khan was also looking very upset. He said: "Begum! Let go. When she sees the painful life there, she will not be able to stay even for a day. I am sure that as if forgetting the morning comes home in the evening. Sedrah will also return in the evening. ”
The car was moving on the dirt, dusty road leading to the village.
There were fields full of me on both sides of the road. There was also a canal flowing in the middle of which there were rose trees up to the sky. Children were bathing in the canal. In one place, farmers were plowing the land.
The green grass was swaying in the distance. Here the cattle were grazing. When the car passed by, the cattle stopped grazing and started looking at them. There was no attraction either. She was thinking that Abu Sahih was really saying.
I will be back home in the evening. As the car turned onto a small road on the right, Sidra's eyes fell on a board with the name of the village where the letter of appointment was received.
She jumped on the seat and said, "Grandpa, where have you taken me?"
I don't want to go any further. Turn the car back. "Sedrah gasped:" You said that to Baba Noor Din. "
"This is the village of Noor Din, daughter!"
But I don't want to go. "Her eyes filled with tears:" Now I understand, you will force me to work in a hospital here.
"Look, I promised you I wouldn't force you. I keep my promise. Now you have to keep your promise and stay here one day." Sedrah fell silent. Going a little farther, Grandpa suddenly stopped the car near the cemetery.

"Get down, daughter!" Said the grandfather.
"Grandpa, where are we?"
This is the graveyard of this village, daughter! ”
It's weird, Grandpa! You brought me to the cemetery here instead of taking me to Baba Noor Din. ”
"Yes, daughter! I had to come here first."
Come down, we have to recite the Fatiha here. ”
Sedrah got out of the car and started walking slowly with her grandfather. Grandpa stood near a mud grave and started reciting Fatiha. Sedrah also recited Fatiha.
"That grave belongs to someone, Grandpa!"
"This is the grave of a woman who lived in the same village.
Her condition worsened at the birth of her baby girl. She survived, but there was no lady doctor in the village who could treat her properly. I died. "
"Oh, very sad.
Sedrah's heart was full and she was a girl? ”
"He was adopted by a childless uncle of a relative living in the city. He was lovingly nurtured, educated and taken to a place."
"Well, do you know this girl?" Sedrah asked eagerly.

"Yes, her name is Lady Doctor Sedrah Bano, son! This is your mother's grave." Sedrah felt as if there was an explosion and darkness was all around her. The ground beneath his feet was shaking with an earthquake, his legs began to tremble.
She fell down and spread her arms on her mother's grave. She burst into tears. She kept crying. She kept crying and then grandfather put his hand on her head.
"Be patient, Sedrah daughter! Today you have come to know the great truth of your life. Accept it knowing the pleasure of Allah."
That fact will take you to the heights of life. Let's go to your father. "
Grandpa brought Sedrah to Hakim Noor Din's house. He was clearing herbs under the tree in the courtyard. He saw Sedrah with surprise and happiness and got up quickly and came to her.

"Noor Din! Look, I have brought your daughter to you," said the grandfather.
"Your daughter has become a doctor. I met with the officers of her department and arranged for her to be admitted to the hospital in her village."
Sidra hugged her father and started crying.
Tears of joy began to flow from Noor Din's eyes too. He had been rewarded for years of hard work and patience. The separation of years had brought color. It was reported that guests had come to Noor Din's house from the city.
He sent breakfast for them. Noor Din gave them sweet lassi. Butter greens and corn bread were placed in front of them which was very tasty to Sidra.
Noor Din said: “Sedrah Betty! The environment of the village is very clean. There is no dirt in the streets, no car smoke in the air, no polluted water, no stale fruits and vegetables.
There is clean fresh and cold water in the tap. Everything to eat is fresh. There is a beautiful image of the natural environment. ”
After a while, an old woman came and said: "My daughter-in-law is very ill. You know that there is no lady doctor in our village hospital.
If she comes by mistake, she will not stay. She goes back to the city. We will take our daughter-in-law to the city hospital tomorrow morning. Pray to Allah to give her health. ”
Nooruddin immediately raised his hands in prayer.
When she left, Sedrah said: "Grandpa! I have to go back now.
"Daughter! Why are you in such a hurry? You have to stay here one day."
"Grandpa! I have to go back. I'm going to get my luggage and medical box and come again."

I will come back soon. This woman's daughter-in-law will be my first patient.
Nooruddin hugged Sedrah: "I was sure that my daughter would reach a place that would make me proud."
"You know the journey is not long, Noor Din! We will be back by night." Grandpa's voice was also full of joy.
When Sedrah and her grandfather returned home in the afternoon, Sedrah's mother Abu started laughing. Abu said: "I did not say that forgetting the morning comes back home in the evening and my daughter has returned even before evening."
Amy said: "My daughter will never go to the village again, why Sidra?"
Sidra stepped forward.
There was a glimmer of determination, enthusiasm and conviction in her eyes. She said: "I have come to go back."
"I will not allow any mother of the village to die on the way to the city. With the help of Allah, I have to give life to the mothers there.
Shereen Begum looked at Sedrah in shock. She felt that Sedrah is not the same as before. She is standing in front of him in a new form. Her own mother is smiling in her eyes. Her eyes, her lips, her Her forehead, her complexion were all on her mother.
It seemed that she had come to him alive today and was asking her daughter back.
"Okay daughter! I gladly let you?" Shereen Begum's voice filled.
"We are proud of you daughter!" Ahmed Khan put his hand on her head.
"Thank you mom, thank you Abu!"
Sedrah bowed before them and they both embraced her.

Outside the town, in the middle of a vast plain, was a magnificent fort of Sir May color. No one dared to enter the fort. Everyone knew that the fort was haunted. Although everyone knew that no one lived inside the walls of the fort.
At night, a frightened sound could be heard from the large deserted rooms of the fort. Sometimes flames of fire would come out of the chimneys of the fort and these flames would form an image of a fire ghost and these images would be lost in the dark sky rising in the air. Go

Many brave and adventurous people tried hard to overcome this ghost, but in the early hours of the morning they were found dead in the largest room of the fort.

His chair was always in front of the fireplace, which always contained ashes instead of fire.

One day at the beginning of winter, a hawker came to a town near the fort with a big laughing face. His name was Esteban and he was a very fearless young man. In such a situation, the women who bought things from him told stories about the fort.

He told Istban that on such nights, smoke and flames in the form of ghosts come out of the chimneys of the fort. If one dares to go near the fort, one can hear the mournful and cruel voice. Asked: "Dear ladies! I am known as Esteban Bahadur."
I am afraid of any human being and not of any ghost. I am afraid only of God. I would be happy if I could spend tonight in the castle and console this oppressed soul. ”
The women stared at him in astonishment. Then he told Istban: "Did you know that if someone chases away a ghost clinging to the fort, the owner of the fort will reward him with a thousand gold ashrafs?"
On hearing this, Istban laughed happily. He decided in his heart that if this is true, he will spend tonight in the fort and will rid the fort of the evil that dwells in it. Was very eager to eat.
She told the women to ask their husbands to bring them large pieces of wood to spend the night so that they could light a fire in the fort all night. Bring him pieces of seasoned meat, water in a large saucepan, twelve eggs and a toast.

The people of the town gladly complied with his order. When the sun set, Istban brought all these things on his donkey and drove him towards the fort. The people left Istanban Bahadur, but not for long.
The sun had set and the cold wind was howling.
The air was chilly and there were raindrops. Esteban left the donkey to graze in the garden near the gate of the fort. Then he delivered the pieces of wood and food to the large room of the fort. The room was dark. ۔
He could hear the fluttering of bats' wings near the ceiling of the room. He put large, dry pieces of wood in the fireplace and began to burn them. Red and golden flames began to rise in the chimney. And began to feel the difference of fire.
He said in his own words: "Even cold escapes from fire and fear does not come near."
He put it on the fire and began to bake the pieces of meat carefully. A very sweet scent began to come. Then he had just picked up the jug to pour water when the same faint sound came from the chimney: "Oh, I'm dead, oh." I died
Esteban quickly took a sip of water down his throat and then placed it directly next to Sarahi.
He said: "My friend, you did not greet me with joy, but at least it is better than the sound of my donkey which I have to hear all the time.
After all, this voice is human. ”Saying this, he began to turn the pieces of meat on you.
The voice came again: "Oh I died, oh I died."
Esteban carefully placed the pieces of cooked meat in the plate. Then he broke an egg and put it on the stove.
He was still frying the egg. The voice came again. Now there was a hint of trembling and fear in the voice. Someone said: "Take me down. I am about to fall."
Istban said: "Okay, but don't fall on me." Then something fell.
It was a human leg, lying near the outside of the fireplace. The leg was wrapped in pajamas. Esteban ate a piece of meat with an egg and took two or three sips of water. Heavy rain was hitting the windows with full force.
Then came the voice in a hurry: "Look down, I'm about to fall."
Then with another thud something fell down from the chimney. Istban saw the object lying nearby. It was the second human leg like the first one.
Istaban moved a little away from the fireplace and brought more pieces of wood and threw them into the fire.
Then he put some more meat carcasses and eggs on the stove. Then a screaming voice echoed: "I'm about to fall, take care of me."
Esteban laughed and said, "Come on, come on, but save my egg." Then came the thump, which was louder than the first.
It was a human body wearing a blue shirt and a brown jacket. Esteban was eating a third egg and another piece of meat.
Now, on the one hand, Esteban was baking more pieces of meat, and on the other hand, he was thinking that now his head is left to fall.
I am also longing to see this person's face, then the voice came: "Look, look, I'm falling."
And then that's what happened

He was in the middle, ie his head was also on the floor from the chimney. He had a good head. He had long black hair and black eyes which looked a little stretched and dead.
The pieces of meat were still half left. All the parts of the ghost's body were connected to each other. Now he was a whole human being or a ghost. Istban said: "Good night! Would you like to eat a piece of meat and an egg?"
The ghost replied: "No, I don't need food anymore, but I want to tell you one thing.
You are the first person to come to the fort who saw my pieces attached but still did not get scared, otherwise other people would have died in terror just by seeing the pieces. ”
Esteban said very seriously: "They may not have brought food and firewood with them.
Saying this, he turned to you again and prayed to the ghost: "If you help me, you can free my soul from captivity and I can rest. There is a banyan tree in the courtyard." Is.
Three bags are buried in its roots.
One bag is full of copper coins. The other is full of silver coins and the third is full of gold coins. I had returned with other friends in my life. I had brought them to the fort to hide, but when I After suppressing them, my comrades grabbed me and killed me and dismembered me, but they could not find the coins.
Now come with me and dig them out. Give the copper coins to the town's synagogue, distribute the silver coins to the poor and keep the gold coins. It is possible that my sins will be atoned for in this way. "
Esteban went to the courtyard with the ghost.
When the donkey's eye fell on the ghost, it became rank and light. Near the banyan tree, the ghost said: "Dig."
Esteban said: "You dig." So the ghost got involved. Soon all three bags were found.
The ghost said: "Promise that you will obey me."
Esteban promised. The ghost said: "Take off the clothes wrapped around my body."
As soon as Esteban did this, the ghost disappeared from sight. His clothes were lying on the floor as if he had taken them off himself.
Esteban also took the coins to a large room, fried another egg and ate it, then sold the horse and fell asleep.
The next morning the townspeople came to the fort to pick up his body, but they saw that he was happily frying eggs. He stammered: "Are you alive?"
Esteban replied: "Why not, brother! Your eggs and meat have been with me all night long."
Now I get a thousand ashrafs from the owner of the fort. The ghost of the fort is gone forever. You can see his clothes in the courtyard as evidence.
People were still stunned when he loaded the three bags on his donkey and left.

First he got the nobles. Then he returned to the town and gave copper coins to the administrator of the place of worship. Then he distributed silver coins among the poor and established a school with gold coins and nobles to make the children of the town conscious and conscious.

About two years ago today, after attending a wedding, I was coming to Lahore from Karachi by train with my son. When the train passed Rohri station, we ate for days and lay down on our berths.
Suddenly the people in the car started shouting that the train was on fire.
The fire broke out in two bogies near the engine, but the vehicle was moving at the speed of the wind, so the flames were rapidly engulfing the other bogies.
People tried to stop the vehicle by pulling the chain and finally the vehicle came to a stop with a strong jolt.
People jumped from the train to save their lives. Many people were helping the weak and trapped passengers in the spirit of philanthropy.

I also started helping people with my son in this good deed. Our bogie was a little far from the engine, so the heat was low. People from nearby villages also came to help the passengers. Screams were heard everywhere. Suddenly my eyes fell on an old woman who was crushed under a heavy box and badly injured.
Her head and mouth were bleeding. I approached the old woman and removed the box from her, then she gestured and said in a very low voice: “Son! This is a black bag which is my daughter's trust. You should deliver this bag to my daughter.
When I tried to find out the name and address of my daughter, all that came out of her mouth was that she lives in Multan and her name is Razia and she went to school. I told my son to keep this black bag with his luggage, because if the police came, they wouldn't let us pick up anything.
So we saved that bag with our luggage.
After reaching home, I wanted to pass on the old woman's trust to her daughter, but the address was incomplete. Still, I did not give up and came to Multan with my son and a teacher named Razia or someone else by that name in different schools Find out about the staff, so we can give him this bag.
Despite all our efforts we could not find the girl and we returned to Lahore. After some time we had to go to Multan again. This time we started looking for Razia with a determination. Now wherever we go people When I tried to get information about a girl named Razia, he said that he did not know her name, but there was a woman in our neighborhood whose mother had died in a train accident.

When we went there with this person, we found out that her name is Razia and she lives in a small house near the school. Upon finding out more, Razia said that my mother had some money and jewelery. My mother was returning from the train when the accident happened.
I was just thinking when my son asked Razia to show us a photo of her mother so that we could be comforted. I did not know that my son had seen this old woman from his mobile phone at the time of the accident. Took a photo
Looking at the photo, we were convinced that the old woman was Razia's mother. We did not open the black bag, but when we opened the bag in Razia's presence, it really contained gold jewelery and reasonable cash. When we handed over the bag to Razia, there were tears of joy and sorrow in her eyes. The grief was for her mother's calf and the joy was that her lifelong earnings were safe.

When I got the first position in the exam, I was overjoyed. Ami Abu appreciated and invited the family. I was persuaded that I or my mother Abu Fakhr could do it, but when the first came, I invited the whole family.
On the appointed day, my peers, cousins, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc., were not happy about my success. I was feeling respect and unique adoption in the eyes of everyone. If not, he would have killed me.
According to him, it was not a miracle. It made me even more angry that, according to him, this success was not the result of my personal hard work.

We both agreed. I said that if you are not sure, then you can ask me for textbooks, but also for the questions you want to ask.

In fact, I said this because one of my major objections on a daily basis was that I use textbooks, I have never thought about any other subject.
"Well, in the evening, in the presence of my father and mother, I will test you."
"You said and went to the roof. The magazines and books that I had never even looked at were open today for exam preparation. I don't know what the exam will be like. Writer or narrator. Who?" There will be questions from. I will also be able to give answers or today the flying foam of my bragging will settle.
The decision was to be made in the evening. Soon we reached the examination room. I was sitting as if the judge was waiting for the convict to come to the court. Ami Abu was sitting to one side.
"I'll just ask one question," he said. "What; just one question?" Came out of the three of us at the same time.

"Yes! Just one question and that is that you get a Rs. 20 note every day for pocket money. How many times is the number 20 written on this note?" He said: "Eleven times." I had already done this at the request of someone.
"Wrong". Your decision was against my expectations. How could it be that the game I had played with friends many times. Reversed the whole note several times and did not find "20" more than "11 times". He was able to do it not only in mathematical arithmetic, but also in English by adding "Twenty" and in Urdu by writing "Base".

Then he asked himself and he said that hundreds of times. I was surprised. Finally he pointed to the three lines on the front and back of the note. At first I didn't understand anything, but then I looked with the help of a lens. It wasn't the lines but the little "20" that were shining in their place.
If you start looking at the note from the right side, a line goes through the hat of Quaid-e-Azam. When the thief looked at you, he smiled at this payment and I began to see the truth in his daily object. Irrelevant, but proved my incompetence.

It was three o'clock at night. Everyone was asleep, but he was still reading by candlelight. In his heart he was working hard for many purposes. It was Alexander who came from a poor family. Kept
He was about fifteen years old. He was very fond of reading, but he did not have money for fees. He used to work with his father in Sardar Sahib's house. Sardar also had a son named Haider. He used to read his old class books from Haider.
I studied like this till the fifth grade, but it was difficult to study further. Now it was impossible to read from Haider's books. I don't know when the night passed in those thoughts.
The next morning Alexander got ready to go to work with his father.

Today he was a bit sad.

I was not feeling well at work either. Then a friend of Sardar Sahib came home. When he saw Sikandar upset, he asked him the reason. At first Sikandar hesitated a bit, but then he said everything. Sardar Sahib's friends said. "Son! You don't know when times change."
Whose hand is the stick? There was a time when I was in your place. "
Alexander was surprised to hear this.
Yes son! this is the truth! But at that time a sympathetic man helped me and promised me that I would also help a needy student.
So son! Today I have found that needy student in your case. Now you also have to promise me that you will also help a needy student. ”
Saying this, he went to a school for Alexander. Time did not know how to put the wheels.
At last ten years have passed. A man dressed in a very nice and shiny dress was sitting at the table eating. When he saw a child who was collecting pieces of paper and trying to read them. The twinkle in his eyes reminded him of his childhood. The man was Alexander. When he saw the child, he remembered the promise he had made to Sardar Sahib's friend. He got up from his table and approached the child and hit him on the head. Put his hand.

The standard of goodness of the Holy Prophet (sws) is the best example for us. It is clear from the books of Hadith, Sira and History as well as the Qur'an that obedience to the Holy Prophet (sws) is the most important example of following the standard of goodness.
We should also like the things that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) liked. We should also dislike the things that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) disliked. He used to emphasize with
Therefore, it is our duty to consider every Muslim as our brother. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was a benefactor of orphans, benefactors of the needy, guardians of widows, leaders of Muslims, and even infidels and polytheists.

The standard of obedience to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is to adopt his attributes.

Only the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) can be the true guide of Muslims, no one else.
Pakistan is the stronghold of Islam, the cradle of Muslims. Therefore, it is the duty of every Muslim to work tirelessly for the protection and welfare of Pakistan, so that this beloved homeland of Muslims which has been acquired in the name of Islam Don't fall prey to the mischief of others.
May Allah protect it and make us Muslims united and invincible like a plywood wall.
We, the followers of the Prophet (peace be upon him), hold the highest and highest position of morality. He is not writing in this matter, he is not quoting the words of any human being, but this is the instruction of Allah Almighty.

The translation of the fourth verse of Surah Al-Qalam of the Qur'an Al-Hakim is: "O Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)! Indeed, you have a high moral standard."
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) himself said: “I have been sent to bring the virtues of morality to the level of perfection.
And the fact is that human history is enlightened by the moral excellence of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The whole life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is the highest example of morality. Even non-Muslims, that is, those who do not consider the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) a prophet, are forced to accept the heights of his morals.
The British thinker George Bernardsha once said that if Muhammad had been present then there would have been peace in the world.
The Holy Prophet (sws) treated not only his own people, not only his relatives, not only his friends, but also his enemies and treated them in a way that is unparalleled.
We are the ummah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The pure life of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is the best example for us in every way. Will open
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), his beloved, but he was also a human being. Allaah Himself said to him: “I am like you. Be a human being
(Surah Al-Kahf, verse 110)
It also means that the deeds of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) are applicable to every human being and that every human being should strive to follow the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Let's go
Do not think that the Holy Prophet was a messenger. What is the point of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in me? Follow this method.
Islam is an easy religion. Islam is a way of life which cannot be harmed by following it. By following which man gets peace and happiness.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) made knowledge obligatory for every Muslim.
The greatest wealth is knowledge. Money is something that comes and goes, but knowledge is something that lasts forever, always gives strength, always helps. The more knowledge we acquire, the happier we will be, so we get wealth. One should think about increasing one's knowledge, not about doing or increasing it.

My car is very old. That is why it keeps getting worse day by day. The same thing happened that day. The car was bad, so as soon as I got paid, I took the car to my mechanic. That costs a lot of care.
The mechanic was very busy, so he handed over the car to one of his students and came to me and said softly: "Najam Sahib! The boy is new, but he is good at his job. He is very poor so I went to work." I have kept it. ”
I was interested in work, no matter who did it.
The boy was busy repairing the car and I was standing watching him. He was really working very skillfully. After a while the conversation started. He was very poor.

My mother worked in the house. My father was paralyzed and could not work.

There was a sister who had to get married. She also had to save money for her marriage. I kept listening to her and pitying her. Suddenly a voice came: "Give me something in the name of Allah, son!" There was a beggar whose hand was also cut off.
I took out my wallet. I searched for the ten rupee note, but could not find it.
"I'm sorry mom!" I said and started thinking that I myself have been hit by inflation, I can't give more money in begging. Fakirni went away sad.
When the mechanic boy saw her leaving, he shouted, "Wait, mother." The beggar stopped, and the boy hurriedly took a fifty rupee note out of his pocket and handed it to the beggar. Hui left.
I looked at this poor mechanic boy in amazement. Fifty rupees connot off, fifty note was also in my purse, but I did not give it to the beggar.
That poor mechanic boy turned out to be very generous. Despite being poor, he helped the old beggar.

"Sir! She is a helpless old woman. She doesn't have a hand. At this age, she can't do any work."
I was amazed to hear about the boy. People like me spend thousands of rupees on themselves, but if someone asks, they don't pay more than five or ten rupees. I became proud of the boy's generosity and Began to be ashamed.

Karim Bhai's handbag was lost. He took out money from the bank and sat in his car and stopped to meet his friends at two or three places on the way. Could
There were eighty thousand rupees in this bag, but they were not as worried about the rupees as they were about the important documents in the same bag. In fact, it contained an agreement and order to export goods from a big trading company and some paperwork. Were related to
If these papers and money were lost from an employee, they would surely be handed over to the police on charges of theft or embezzlement, but it was their fault, so they could not be angry with anyone. ۔
Why would anyone who gets such a large amount of money return it? They were fainting at the thought and were calculating the loss.

He went through a lot of anxiety day and night.
He intended to place an advertisement in the newspaper that whoever found the bag and delivered it to him would be given a reward of Rs. 20,000. The next day some people were coming to see him but he did not meet them and told the servant that he was not well.

The servant said in fear: "Hazrat! A man wants to meet you."
"I told you I'm very upset. I won't see anyone," he said angrily.
"But he says you have a very important job to do. You have to return your trust."
"Amanat kisi amanat" he thought and then said: "Call! Maybe he can tell me something about my bag. Look, don't go."
A short time later, a young man was standing in front of them. He asked: "Is your name Karim Bhai?"
"Yes, yes, my name is Karim.
"Have you lost anything?"
"I have a bag of rupees, eighty thousand rupees and papers in it." Karim Bhai replied standing up.
Then the thought came to him that he did not even ask this young man to sit down in a bad mood, so he said:
The young man took out a cloth-wrapped bag and handed it to them, saying, "Sir, there is all your trust in it, you count the money. I found it lying near a car. I thought, of course, get out of the car." It must have fallen. Before a thief can pick it up, it must be delivered to its owner.
I started looking around. When I came back, the car was gone. I had to open my bag to find out the address. "
Karim Bhai opened the bag and took out the papers from it and kissed them, because they were the most valuable.
Then he took out a doll of ten thousand and handed it to the young man and said: "Sahibzada! You have saved me from great trouble and loss. May Allah keep you happy. This is not a reward, but a gift."
The young man said simply: "Sir, honesty is your reward."
I did not do this for the sake of a reward. If I did not find your address, I would hand it over to the police. ”Karim Bhai insisted, but the young man refused to accept the reward. Karim Bhai was very impressed with his honesty and simplicity and when he talked to him about his family, he found out that the young man's name is Nasir Hussain and he is a clerk in a private company. There are old mothers and fathers in the house.
And then Nasir Hussain narrated an incident which made Karim Bhai's heart and mind restless.
"Actually, a similar accident happened to my father. I was eight or ten years old at the time. My father was coming in an auto rickshaw after cashing his pension and fund check.
On the way there was my school. They were happily returning home from school. I came first in class. I was showing them my result card. In this happiness they stopped the auto rickshaw and bought some sweets from a shop. I also bought other goods.
Unfortunately, a bag of rupees was left in the auto rickshaw which contained 20,000 rupees. My sister was about to get married and my father had taken out this money for her wedding. We searched for the auto rickshaw driver and found him in the police. The report was written, but in such a big city it was impossible to meet someone we didn't even know.

My mother and father were very shocked. This was the money they had earned all their lives and then my sister was about to get married, but my father is a very patient man. He did not curse or curse this auto rickshaw driver. On the contrary, whenever the mother would say something bad about him, the father would forbid her and say: "Be patient, mother of Mane! Maybe some good of Allah is hidden in it."
Maybe this man needs these rupees more than us. Allah is pleased to give us from somewhere else. Maybe that money was not in our destiny. My father sold his ancestral house and in my sister's marriage he We spent money and we started living in a rented house.
Somehow I passed high school and got a job in a company. I got this bag and realized how much damage was done to its owner by not knowing how to lose it, so I should hand over this trust to him as soon as possible. I just want to be able to get my old house back.
"Nasir Mian! Your story is very sad. I learned a great lesson from it. I am sure that one day you will definitely get your house. My company needs a man with an account. I think you Be the right person for it.
Would you like to work in my company? Yes, I am not doing you any favors, but your honesty will be a reward for our company. ”
"I would be very happy to work in your company, under your supervision, sir! But I will also get my father's opinion.
"Yes," replied Nasser

I will meet your father soon. I am sure he will not mind if you work in my company and if there is any objection, I will accept him. ”Karim Bhai patted Nasir on the back.
Now Nasir Hussain was an accountant in Karim Bhai's Karim Auto Company and he was earning Rs. 60,000 per month and the company's car would take him home and leave the house. A year has passed since this incident. Map of Nasir Hussain's house Has changed
Now he has enough money to buy his old house. When he goes to see his old house with his father, he is very disappointed. The look of this house had changed. There was a beautiful multi-storied building worth several lakhs and its renovation work was going on.
The discovery revealed that a rich man had bought it a year ago and construction had been going on here for a year.
Nasir Hussain took a deep breath and said to Abba: "Abba Mian! Maybe we will not be able to take back our house now."
The father placed his hand lovingly on the son's head and said: "Son! Maybe there will be some benefit from Allah for our betterment."
Thank him for giving us so much. ”
One day, Karim Bhai suddenly reached Nasir Hussain's house and introduced himself to Nasir's father: "I am called Karim Bhai. Nasir Mian works in my company. He is a very hardworking and capable young man.
Karim Bhai said.
"Sir!" In what language should I thank you? It is a great favor of yours that you hired Nasir in your company and trusted him. Right now he is inexperienced. "Nasir's father said." Dear! There is no age limit for.
Sometimes young people quickly get experiences that even we old people can't do for a long time. "Karim Bhai laughed and said," What can I do for you? If you ordered me, I would come to your treasury. I am a poor man, you are a great man.
It is your kindness that has given me this honor, ”said Nasser's father.
"Don't embarrass me, I am a sinful man. Attending your service is the cause of a new life for me." Karim Bhai took both hands of Nasir's father.
"Hey, what are you saying? Allah has given you wealth, honor, comfort and everything. You have the great grace of Allah. You are a good servant of Allah."
“Bhai Sahib! It is indeed the mercy of Allah that He bestows blessings even on His sinful servants, but I am indeed a sinner and a very miserable person.
Karim Bhai said with a cool sigh. "Nasir Mian had said that about fifteen years ago an auto rickshaw driver ran away with a bag of your money."
"Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
May that money be a source of comfort for this auto rickshaw driver. "Nasir's father replied." It so happened that when the auto rickshaw driver reached home, he saw that there was a bag in the back seat. When he opened the bag, there were twenty thousand rupees in it.
He thought that I should return this money and he was seduced by the devil that don't do this nonsense, it is your destiny. Keep this auto rickshaw. He used the stolen money to buy a machine.
The work started. Then he set up a spare parts factory. He expanded the work by taking a loan from the government and in fifteen years he became a writer. Now car parts are made in his box and he has done many other things, but His heart reproaches him equally that he has committed a great sin.
He wants your money back with a fine. "
"But Mr. Seth! How did you know all this?"
"Aji, how would I know. The same auto rickshaw driver told me all this."
"So you know that."
"I know very well.
"So will you introduce me to him?"
Aji, he will come to you with vinegar, but brother John! One condition is that you forgive him from the heart. He is very ashamed. Satan had seduced him. He says that he will return your house to you.
"Karim Bhai advocated for this auto rickshaw driver.
"But sir! That house has been bought by a Seth and millions of rupees have been spent on it. Why should I get it?"
"The condition of forgiveness is that you must get the house back.
Is the bid accepted? ”
"Yes, I agree. I will get my house." Nasir's father said happily.
"So you seem to have forgiven him, sincerely."
"Yes sir! But if you bring it, if you meet it, where is it?"
"Sir! That thief, that sinner, that devil, the irrational and deserving man standing in front of you. His name is Seth Karim Bhai."
"Hey, what are you saying, Seth Sahib! It can't happen. How can that happen?" Nasir's father opened his mouth in surprise.
"Yes, it's all true. I'm the sinful man who shocked you so much. I can't go back fifteen years and pay the fine for these troubles, but your house." I will return it to you. I bought it a year ago after my first meeting with Nasir Mian and decided that I will return your house to you in the best possible way.
These house papers are now yours. ”
Nasir Mian's father hugged Karim Bhai to his chest. He is a man with a big heart. It is a great thing to feel sin and repent from it. I have forgiven you. May Allah forgive you too.
I wish all the Seth in our country were like you. ”
Tears of joy flowed from Karim Bhai's eyes on hearing this. There is another request, if you accept it, I will be very kind. I have a daughter. I want a good and hardworking young man like Nasir Mian

Be married to
Will you allow it? ”Said Karim Bhai.
"Nasir is your son. You can happily marry your daughter to him. It will be our good fortune that Nasir will be under your patronage." Nasir Mian's father looked up at the sky and said: “Thank you, O Most Gracious Lord, for whatever you do for our good.

Luck's army commander was on patrol in the city with his soldiers as usual. He passed through various places and reached a bazaar. Suddenly his eyes fell on a beggar standing in the corner of the bazaar, who was constantly looking at him.
He saw a strange gleam in the beggar's eyes. Suddenly the beggar approached him.
"Say, what do you want to say?" Said the commander looking at him.
The beggar was silent for a while and then he whispered: "If you want happiness, my hut is on the north side of the forest, come there."
Saying this, he walked to one side. The commander stared at him. The commander's life was going so smoothly that one day his wife ordered him to build a house like a big palace. ۔

He replied: "Good luck! With the current salary, how can I build a palace-like house for you?"
She said: "I do not know anything. People below you have built such good houses and we are still living in this old house."

He was fed up with the daily repetition. Suddenly he thought of the beggar who had met him some time ago on the corner of the bazaar and who was saying that if he wanted happiness, he should go to my hut on the north side of the forest. He saddled his horse and walked north of the forest.
Some distance away in the forest he saw a hut. He tied his horse to a tree and entered the hut. There was the same beggar inside. When the beggar saw him, a smile appeared on his face and he said: "I know. I thought you would come.
The commander said: "You were talking about happiness for me. I want a palace-like house for my wife."
The beggar took out four bags full of nobles from a nearby box and handed it to him, saying: “I can give you a thousand such bags full of nobles for just one job.
The commander jumped up and said: "What did you say! A thousand bags? I can build ten palaces with them, but work! What is work?" There was curiosity in his tone.
The beggar said: "You have to give me some important military secrets of your country."
The commander jumped up and said, "What are you saying? Who are you?"
The beggar said: "Don't ask questions, happiness does not come like this.
Tell me, is the deal approved? ”
The commander thought for a long time. At last he nodded in agreement and the next day handed over some important secrets to the beggar. He had traded his conscience, but he was feeling uneasy. He had been dreaming the same thing for days.
I don't know why he thought the interpretation of the dream that he was going to die. Tonight he saw that dream again. He became restless, he could not get rid of it and he reached the house of the royal astrologer in the middle of the night. Hearing the knock, the royal astrologer came out with his eyes closed.
When he saw the commander at his door that night, he was shocked: "How are you? You are at my door that night!"
The commander said: "Yes, in fact I have seen the same dream many times. I am worried, tell me its interpretation.
The royal astrologer brought him in and heard a dream from him. After hearing the dream, he said: "The meaning of this is that now you will only be able to see the sky for three days, after that."
"It simply came to our notice then. We just needed your confirmation, so we got it."
We apologize for hurting you so much in the night. ”Saying this, he immediately went outside. The royal astrologer saw him being stunned. Early in the morning, the general left the palace. He immediately left the king. Wanted to meet
When the king asked for peace, he came to his service and said: "Peace be upon you, king! I am going to talk to you today."
"Say yes, we are all one," said the king.
The commander bowed his head and said: "Peace be upon you, King! I can no longer live in this world for more than three days, but before I leave this world, I want to confess my guilt, so that I can lighten my load and leave this world."
"What crime have you committed?" The king asked.
The commander said: "In fact, out of greed for wealth, I have provided some of my country's defense secrets to the neighboring country."
"What are you saying?" Said the king angrily.

"Yes, and they are preparing to attack our country very soon," said the commander. The king's face turned red when he heard this, and he said angrily: "You have betrayed and his punishment is death." And the king commanded his servants, saying, Take him away, and cast him into prison, and we shall go into his prison tomorrow.
While the soldiers were holding him, suddenly two soldiers came running from outside and said: "Peace be upon you, King! Give me only one chance. I want to pay the atonement before I die. I have given a secret to my enemies." I can fix it myself.
You trust me. ”
After thinking for a while, King Salamat said: "All right, but my soldiers will keep an eye on you."
He thanked the king and waved his sword at his enemies. The battle continued for three days.
What the commander had said came true. The enemies were fed up. After the battle, the commander was now standing in front of the king. The king said: Enemies have been dusted off while paying the atonement, so we are abolishing your death sentence and giving a minor punishment, that is, the punishment of living in a dark well for a whole year.
He said: "But according to the dream I had, I was going to die. The royal astrologer also confirmed it."
The king said: "Death is real and everyone should taste it. If you remember your death before committing this sin, will you ever stop this sin?"

Would not have committed
Is it necessary that when a person sees his death with his own eyes, he refrains from sins? When death is real, why does man not refrain from his sins by remembering it? ”Saying this, the king became silent.
When the soldiers began to take him away, the royal astrologer was also standing nearby.
He said to the astrologer: "Does that mean your interpretation was wrong?"
Najomi said: "My interpretation was not wrong, you left after hearing the incomplete thing, that is, I heard the incomplete interpretation."
Incomplete interpretation, what do you mean? ”The commander asked.

The astrologer said: "I said you would only be able to see the sky for three days, after that; you left without listening to the whole thing, proposing your own death. The whole interpretation was that you were three days. Until you can see the sun, then you will stay in a place for many days from where you will not be able to see the sun.

It is a matter of days. A rich man lived in a city. His name was Faqir Chand. He was the richest man in the city, but he was also a miser sucking a bee. He was short, short, and when he walked, he knew the football was rolling.
Faqir Chand's wife was a very good woman. She used to help the poor. On Tuesdays, there was a crowd of beggars and disabled people all over the city at the door of Seth Faqir Chand's mansion, because on that day Seth's wife gave a gift to every poor person. Pow Atta used to give alms.
Seth ji thought this was very bad, but he also respected his wife, so he did not say anything.
Seth ji once explained to his wife: “There is no point in giving alms to these poor, sadhus.

They all sell in the market and eat opium, suffocate and make waves.

That is, they make us fools. ”
On this, the wife had said to Seth ji: "All the wealth that God has given us is the result of this good charity." Then she reminded Seth ji of the time of his poverty, when it dawned on him. There was no coin.
Seth was annoyed that someone would remind him of his past, what he was and what he is now, because he called himself Family Seth, so he kept quiet.
Like other wealthy men in the world, Seth Faqir Chand was anxious to increase his wealth.
Their warehouses were stocked with sugar, salt, oil, wheat, rice and pulses. They were the largest wholesalers in the city. They would go. Their night's sleep would be forbidden.
Hunger would disappear.
One year it happened that there was no rain in the country. There was a famine. The grain disappeared from the market and the price of grain went up. Sethji stopped selling grain because he knew that the price of grain would go up. ۔
On Tuesday, the poor and the disabled of the city stopped getting the flour they used to get. One morning, Sethji was having breakfast and drinking haqqa. A man came to him and folded his hands and said: Seth Faqir Chand Ji! May your wealth increase, may your health be good, I am a poor man.
My children are starving. Give me a few sips of gram. I will feed them and fill their stomachs and I will bless you all my life. ”
Seth got very angry and they scolded him and chased him away. The next day the man came again. He had a brass loot in his hand.
When Sethji saw him, he said angrily: "Why have you come now? I can't give you a single grain. If you want your well-being, get out of here immediately, otherwise."
The man interrupted Seth ji and said: "But Seth ji! It is for your own benefit.
You don't know me, it doesn't matter. At least you must know this brass loot. Your name is also engraved on it. Faqir Chand son of Ghasit Chand. When he came, he had mortgaged this loot to Rambhunje in four visits and he had also written a receipt.
It's a little old, about twenty years ago. You forgot to get rid of it. Well, no problem, the memory of big people is weak. It was my duty to return your thing to you. What do you think? Do you remember? ”
Sethji's anger turned to camphor as soon as he heard this.
He looked around and saw that no one was listening to his conversation. Then he said: "Yes, yes, I remember very well. You did well to bring my loot. I will let you four come now. give me."
Ramu laughed: "Haha, Sethji! You are joking."
Where did the world come from in twenty years. When you didn't have a penny in your pocket. Your clothes were washed with a crack. You had only one brass loot. There were a few faqirs and now there are a few faqirs. Just be honest, the price of this rare brass loot will continue to come.
"Well, I'll pay five rupees for it. Bring Meralota back to me."
Ramu danced the loot on his fingers and said: "Look, your name is also written on it. The receipt you wrote has your signature on it and it is safe with me."
I think this loot should be auctioned in the bazaar. You should also put the price there. What about the loot of Seth Faqir Chand! Its price is even less than one thousand. The wind blows brass, then the whole city will know what Seth Faqir did a few twenty years ago.
Good Seth Faqir Chand Ji! Now I will go. Your return will be with me safely. ”Saying this, Ramu left the door and went here and there. Seth kept calling him, but he did not stop.
Seth ji became as strong as he could. Hunger disappeared, sleep was far away.
He was disturbed by the thought that what would happen if this Ramu bhar bhoonje revealed his secret. All his honor will be reduced to dust. What will people say? Seth Faqir Chand whom people We bow down and salute him, whose lakhs of rupees are deposited in the bank, whose honor is in the whole city. But the truth was that what they knew was that in twenty years they would become writers.
Twenty years ago, Seth Faqir Chand was a really poor man. He came to the city from his village in search of a job. He did not have a penny in his pocket. Somehow he came to the city on foot. A new place, he did not know it. Worried. Unable to understand a trick.
He pledged his brass loot and wrote a receipt for four visits.
Then Faqir Chand got a job as a drug dealer

It is true that Faqir Chand worked so hard and honestly that he gained Seth's trust.
The keys to the vaults began to remain in his possession. What God did was that Seth suddenly fell ill and died as soon as he saw them. Faqir Chand's intention came to an end. He opened the vault and took out a bag and hid it. There was no news.
After Seth's death, there was a quarrel among his sons over the distribution of wealth. Faqir separated from some work. He opened a small shop in a corner of the city and sat down. Gradually the shop grew and became Faqir Chand, Seth Faqir Chand.
Thinking, Seth lost.
At last he was not released from them. Early the next morning he reached Ramu Bhar Bhunje's shop. When he saw his loot hanging from the roof tied with rope. Seeing Seth ji, Ramu smiled and said: "Seth ji! You! I would have attended myself.
Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....
Seth got out of the car and went with Ramu to his dilapidated house. Ramu sat them on four legs. He sat on the ground himself. Seth remembered his life twenty years ago when he saw Ramu's house and his outfit.
When his condition was almost the same.
"Ramu! I will give you a thousand rupees. Give me my return."
"Seth ji! I will bring your loot at your feet. I don't need a penny. Congratulations on your wealth. All I can say is that you were once so poor, that is, an ordinary member of our community." From man; today you are a great man.
You have forgotten the pain of yourself and your brothers. There is grain in your warehouses. Countless people are starving. If you want, people can survive starving. You are worried about your honor, hungry. Not of dying humans. ”
"So what do you want?"
"I beg you to save the dying.
There is true happiness in this. It is also your duty. I can auction your loot, but I am not such a humble man. I am definitely poor. How much you care about loot, it is evident from your face. You care about the poor just as much.
"Stop it, Ramu! Stop it."
You are telling the truth. You have opened my eyes. I will distribute one grain at a time for free. ”Saying this, Seth stood up. For a week, Seth kept distributing free grain to the poor from the warehouses of Faqir Chand. Faqir Chand also donated several thousand rupees and clothes for free distribution to the poor.
Then the other men of the city did the same when they saw Seth. Seth's wife and other people were astonished at Seth's river Delhi, but only Ramu knew that all this miracle was made of brass.

Summer vacation had started at school. At that time, the four of us were talking about "how to spend the holidays". Sonia's eyes fell on Amy who was cooking in the kitchen.
Suddenly an idea came to his mind. He spoke enthusiastically: "We open our kitchen."
"Hey, it's already open and my mother is cooking there too." Armaghan said looking at Sonia with strange eyes.
"Hey fat man, I mean we lose our hotel where we cook, feed people, make money. We take advantage of the holidays and get the money."
Sonia spoke like an adult.

At first Armaghan listened and then said: "Well, tell me what this thick intellect means. I do not understand what this intellect is like. Long, short, thin or thick, square or round." It moves or flies and you know my intellect is thick or thin you have come to see! ”
Bhayana intervened: "Well, tell me, where will we open our hotel? Who will cook? And who will come to eat?"
Saba said: "I feel fine. We will make the room that opens on the main road into a hotel, prepare the food in the kitchen and put it in the room.
We will make a big banner, which will say that we have built a luxurious hotel where delicious food is available.
When the brothers agreed, the whole thing became easier. On the third day, we took care of our own work. Sonia and Saba had already cleaned the back room.
The brother gathered the cooking utensils, although he was scolded by his mother for scattering everything in the kitchen, which he quietly listened to. Armaghan went to tell everyone about the hotel, where he told him strange things. Listen, but he showed great patience.
When it came to cooking, everyone took full part in spoiling the food. Sonia added Dada Abba's digestive tract as a hot spice. Take a look around, pour the salt from the basin into the rice, which was actually a white dishwashing dish.

When Saba saw the rice floating in the water, he added a little more water for their convenience. The brother lifted the lid of the cauldron to check the rice placed on his tail and the smoke fell on his face. They quickly retreated to avoid.
At the same time, his foot hit the cauldron and the cauldron came crashing down on his feet. Every corner of the kitchen was adorned with patterns of rice and once again he grabbed his foot and said: "Hey." ․․․ Hey burned. Hey burned.
"While Armaghan, Sonia and Sabah were staring at him as if to say we would tell you if they were not big. A short while later, the scene was like Abu was reading Shahabnameh while sitting in his comfortable chair. The four of them were standing in front of Abu with their hands tied.

Abu's wise words for punishment were heard: "My library is full of books. Each of you should read at least five books and express your opinion. History books will tell you what has happened in the past." With travel names you can travel to every country and every city.
Books on the subject of science will show how man develops and what is going to happen in the future. Reading religious and moral books will lead to a way of life. This is a punishment for you from which you can take full advantage. And the holidays will go well. ”The four of them walked to Abba John's library, thinking of something.

This was the last date of Sha'ban. Rehan's mother Jan had completed the preparations for Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr. She had bought three pairs of silwa for Rehan and two pairs for her Abu Jan. Give the tailor clothes to sew.
Thus all things went smoothly. Rehan was eleven years old.
"Wise people are the ones who work ahead of time," said Rehan's mother, who completed all the work in Sha'ban. She bought twenty pairs to give Eid gifts to different people. Were for
When the watchman found the pair in the evening, he was very happy. The aunt working in the house took the pair and said goodbye prayers. When the milkman was taking the pair, he was not happy to see his favorite color.

In two or three days all the couples were divided.

Amy Jan had a widow of Katchi Abad and her children sewn specially sewn clothes. Rehan also used to go with her Abu Jan to perform five times prayers in Gulzar Mosque. For this too, Amy John had bought a white pair and delivered it to the mosque through Rehan.

It was a Friday. The worshipers were rushing into the mosque. A man started entering the mosque through the front door and a guard signaled him to stop. Noor Mohammad had his gun slung over his shoulder. Panicked, Noor Muhammad led him to the right.
The suspect was wearing dark blue clothes. At the signal of guard Noor Mohammad, another guard Masroor also jumped towards him.
Saying "Ji Noor Mohammad Bhai!" Masroor looked at the suspicious person and his face was turning yellow.
Her hands were shaking with fear.
"I don't have anything. Search for me," said the suspect, raising both his hands. Noor Mohammad quickly began searching for the suspect. The third guard was now searching the other worshipers and allowing them to enter the mosque.

"He has nothing." Noor Mohammad addressed his colleague Masroor.
Masroor left his Friday unfinished by saying so.
"Suspicious, I can see it. Show me your ID card," Noor Mohammad said, staring at the suspect.

"Gee, this is my ID card." When the suspect handed his ID card to Noor Mohammad, he read his name and spoke for himself. Shaukat Raza.
My name is Shaukat Raza, my house is in a settlement near the canal.
When Shaukat Raza said so, Noor Mohammad said.
"Okay, you can go in."
Shaukat Raza entered the mosque seeing something here and there. He had entered the Gulzar mosque for the first time. An important task was entrusted to him. Whose order was it, why was he doing it, he knew something about it. Was not
He had met his classmate Raju while drinking tea in a hotel two months ago. His name was Riyadh, but everyone inside and outside the house called him Raju. He was wearing expensive clothes. He was sitting on the floor when his eyes fell on Shaukat Raza.
He got up from his seat and walked towards Shaukat who was sitting against the wall.
"You are probably Shaukat. Shaukat Raza!"
"Yes, I am Shaukat Raza and you are Raju, Raju." Shaukat Raza looked at Raju carefully and said, "Yes, I am Raju, the most mischievous and incompetent student of the school, Riaz Ahmed alias Raju It's been twenty years since we matriculated from school.
Tell me, what are the engagements? ”Raju said and sat next to Shaukat Raza.
"I was employed in a company. The company went bankrupt, so I lost my job. Now I am looking for a job." Shaukat Raza told Raju the whole thing without any preamble.

"Now don't worry about the job, understand that you have got the job." Raju slapped his hand on the table hard and the people sitting around stared at him unhappily.
"Where is the job to be done, what kind of work is it?" Raju whispered to Shaukat Raza's question.
The two saved each other's mobile phone numbers. Two days later, the two were sitting in a hotel again. Raju gave him Rs 20,000 and mentioned the name of Gulzar Mosque.
"You have to pray in this mosque for the fifth time regularly for a month. You have to slack off the guards on the way back and forth. If possible, give them food and drink. By doing so, they will get to know you. Then "
"And then what?" Shaukat Raza asked looking at Raju silently.

"Then it will be the same work for which we will get money." Raju's face looked very horrible at that time. Shaukat Raza had never gone to the mosque. Sometimes he thought it was enough to offer Friday and Eid prayers. He was thoroughly searched on the first day in Gulzar Mosque.
He was kept under close surveillance for several days, then the guards would let him enter the mosque without searching him as soon as they saw him. When a few days passed, one day he took a canoe for the guard. Give it to the guards on duty.
Noor Mohammad first looked and then stared at Shaukat Raza in a certain way. His sixth sense was telling him something, explaining something.
"I feel like there is something wrong with the lentils. We have to keep a close eye on it. After listening to Noor Mohammad, his friends fully supported him.
Shaukat Raza was in constant touch with Raju. Raju was very happy with his work. He was sure that he would succeed in his goal. He was now waiting for the start of Ramadan.
When Ramadan began, Rehan's school and Abu Jan's office hours changed.
Rehan used to come home at 12 o'clock and Abu Jan at 2 o'clock.

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